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Dead end job… Should I stay or should I go?

A dead end job is like the ex you broke up with 5 months ago but you still live together because it’s cheap and convenient. Dragging on a painful relationship isn’t gonna get you anywhere. But how can you recognize whether you’re in a dead end job situation, what are the symptoms?

Clearly there’s no rule of thumb but there are certain indicators you might want to take into consideration.

Ask yourself — where can I go from here?

Growth potential is one of the key factors in evaluating whether your current job position is the ideal fit. Yes, ideal. We’re not accepting any mediocrity here :) Being a tech professional is like having superpowers, you always have to be there to save the day. So make sure that you understand the value you bring to your team. Part of understanding that value is knowing how to grow and leverage it. Whether it’s through internal trainings, networking events, learning opportunities, mentorship, your company must be there to provide you the space and knowledge to grow and build a killer skill set.

Here’s the place to also mention not only a fare renumeration for your efforts but the opportunity to leverage your salary. If you have the feeling that you’ll be stuck in the same position for a while and you won’t be given the opportunity to bring it to the next level maybe it’s time to consider other options.

What are those other options?

It’s a challenge to make a move if you don’t have a good understanding of the current market trends and emerging technologies. Yes, Landing Festival is the perfect place for that reality check but let’s briefly have a look at some hot trends boiling up the tech landscape.

According to Forbes, the 7 trends that will dominate technology in 2018 are AI (surprise!), digital centralization, the rise of 5G, data overload, white collar automation, seamless virtual conversations and connections, and the growing importance of UI. We’d also add blockchain technology and the rising concerns regarding security, privacy and credibility (#fakenews).

In terms of programming languages, there are definitely some that stand out with their growing popularity and tendency for high future demand. According to StackOverflow’s annual survey, JavaScript is the most popular language with 62.5% of respondents claiming to use it. As Jeff Atwood famously said, “Any application that can be written in JavaScript will eventually be written in JavaScript”. The 2018 survey also pinpoints the programming languages that suggest an above average salary. The top 3 is taken by Scala ($60K annual salary), Ruby ($60K) and Python ($54K), followed by Swift ($54K), C++ ($51K) and JavaScript ($50K).

Keeping up with market changes is of great importance to your personal and professional development. Some time spent on research is never waisted.

Should I stay or should I go?

Let’s assume you’ve done your research and you are well aware where and how you want to invest your superpowers. So is it time to go?

Such a decision of course cannot be taken lightly and communicating your expectations with your employer is crucial. Perhaps there are. growth opportunities at your current company to be unlocked. So what you first need to do is take a deep breath, open your mouth and verbalize where you want to go. If demand and supply don’t meet we can’t fix the price and therefore we can call the deal done.

Make sure you don’t wait too long to take this step because if you’re not motivated enough you’ll start underperforming and then you’ll even determinate the relationship with your current employer.

Away we go but where to?

Let’s say your guts (and hopefully brains) called it a day and you decided to leave your current occupation. How do you find your dream place? First of all you’ve got to face the fact that just because you left one job it doesn’t mean that the next will be The One. Life is a playground, we need to test and iterate to find truths to live and break.

If you’re facing the job hunt challenge we’d suggest a number of ways to kick it off. Yes, Landing.jobs is one ideal place to do that (it’s difficult to detach from one’s undeniable greatness). Same goes for Landing Festival. Actually, the ingredients that make Landing unique are also the ingredients you need to focus on in your job hunt.

One key component is the importance of the personal touch. No, not in a physical way. It’s important to reach out to your network, there are other super humans around you and acknowledging it can be very helpful. Reach out to other tech professionals that work with a different technology or for a different company. Jump on a quick call with them to test the ground before you apply. Most likely they’ll suggest to refer you for a position (referral bonuses, what can you do).

Once you’ve identified a couple of attractive companies it’s great to look for opportunities to meet them in person (at meetups, workshops, hackatons for example). If you apply directly online make sure you tailor your message and profile. You’ve got low chances of getting a reply if you send the same Resume and motivation to different potential employers. The internal culture of every company is different and it’s important to hit the right tune.

Don’t worry, be happy

We’re leaving you in the company of Bob Marley because the most important thing beyond technological trends and hot programming languages is your own peace of mind and being. For you to be able to perform at 100% you need to be given the comfort to invest your mental energy in actual work. And we are not talking about perks such as snacks, in-house gym and free headphones. We are talking about respectful and meaningful relationships and conversations with your colleagues because trust us the sound that’s buzzing in the background plays a big role in your own scope and vision.

So bring it on. We’re curious to see what your next move will be. Whatever comes- we’ve got your back 😉



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