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Newsletter #6


Take the most out of Landing Festival Lisbon

> Landing Festival Lisbon is in 8 days, that’s soooo soon! We are here to help you experience Landing Festival to the fullest! Check out how 👇


Check out the latest version of our agenda and find more about the time your favorite speakers and workshops are going to be held. Don’t miss any details and don’t forget our Tracks and Workshops are only available for Premium Tickets! Download our Agenda

Career Workshop

Your tech career can’t only rely on your technical and hard skills. You can Build more interesting projects working within a team. That’s why soft skills are important to Boost your career. Not only soft skills, but also awareness of the market and the external factors that may affect your career path. Learn more about topics that matter for your career development on our Career Workshops.

José Paiva

> Co-founder @Landing.jobs
> The Four Factors You Don’t Know About Your Salary
> Day 1 — June, 28th, 10h00–11h00 | Premium Ticket Only

Pedro Oliveira

> Co-founder @Landing.jobs
> Why Switching to Contractor is a Great Career Move!
> Day 2 — June, 29th, 13h30–14h30 | Premium Ticket Only

Landing Festival App

Swapcard app will let you bookmark sessions and manage your agenda, as well as registering for Workshops in case you have a Premium Ticket. You will be able to have a full overview of the talks and workshops we are having at the Landing Festival conference, plan your visit, register to sessions with limited spots, and connect with the right people in advance.

To know how you can register in our workshops, we made this video to make it clear, just click How to Register to a Workshop

All Aboard! Next stop, Networking!

We are offering 20% discount off to our attendees, just click here where the promo code BoatParty20 is already activated!

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