A case for Polestar


The reliance on combustion engines is coming to an end. The way forward is electric. 2019 will see the launch of the electric Polestar 2 automobile.

Client: Polestar
Industry: Automotive
Duration: 5 weeks
Delivery: UX/UI Design, Progressive Web App Production


The Polestar 2 will be the first car in the world with a truly future-proof software setup, meaning that not only will it be cutting-edge upon release, it will update often and automatically. Our challenge was to give people a sneak-peek of this game-changing HMI (Human Machine Interface) in their hand.

The challenges of replicating something in a handheld device that would usually be in a car environment (controlled by users in a different manner to, for example, a smartphone) were plentiful and our deadline was tight.


Through a tight collaboration with Polestar we first workshopped how much of the car interface we wanted to replicate in our device. We decided the appropriate home for our online experience would be a progressive web application. Humblebee’s unique Core Platform for building progressive web apps meant we could kick-start this digital product in rapid quick time.

Replicating the car HMI was a challenge, and to add even more fun to the experience Polestar were keen to inject some “Easter Eggs” into the app.

A few more brainstorming sessions later (and a lot of rejected ideas which you may see one day!) we had some Easter Eggs in place. Download the app and see if you can find them all.


  • A Progressive Web Application was the fruit of our labour.
  • The resulting viral buzz (or at least a small chunk of it) has been documented below.
“We managed to give people a look into our future. The progressive web app looks and feels faithful to the HMI in the car. Since this app is not connected to the car we added a little entertainment!”
- Pär Heyden, Head of Design, Polestar.

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