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DevCon4 prep reading series : Interview with Chris Hutchinson(aka Hutch) of Status.im about #CryptoLife hackathon, Philosophers’ salon, and Nashville blockchain scene

Griff Green and I cheesin’

In this series, we are interviewing Ethereum community members who are taking key roles bringing community together by organising various events around DevCon4.

In this blog post, we interview Chris Hutchinson (aka Hutch) who is the longest serving community manager of Status.im which will be hosting #CryptoLife hackathon right before DevCon4 starts.

Hi, Hutch. Can you introduce yourself?

Hey there! Yes i’m Hutch from Status, i’ve been a long time cryptonaut (think bitcointalk forums) and try to learn something new every day. I’m big into travel and hiking, hope to seek adventure at every corner.

Why is the Status hackathon called “Crypto Life”? Any difference to other Ethereum hackathons?

Crypto Life is our attempt at trying to uncover what most in the community really want to know, what would life really be like using these tools we’re building on a daily basis! There was a really great detailed post here outlining some more of our thoughts. I’d say our hackathon will be a bit different than some of the other Ethereum hackathons as we’re not too focused on having a bunch of keynotes, but rather have experience rooms (which should only take 10 minutes of your time). There’s also some really interesting attendees like the Ethereum Magicians; we’re aiming for high inclusivity of all likes.

Status is hosing one sub event called “Philosopher’s salon” during the hackathon. Can anyone get in?

Yes! The philosophers salon is one of the so called experience rooms I mentioned above. Anyone can check out any of these rooms throughout the event; though we’ll be signing up those who want to participate for specific events in some of these rooms using Kickback!

Griff the Philosopher!!

Status is not only hosting their own events but also opening up the hackathon space to other events. What other events will be hosted there?

The hackathon space will first and foremost be a hackathon! That will be the primary focus for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. With an awesome master list here. After the hackathon on that Monday we’ll immediately follow up with, a sharding event, Ethereum Magicians gathering to push forward all the awesome EIPs they are involved in, a swarm offsite and generally a jam packed day of awesomeness. After that Monday we have a watch party for Devcon at the venue where the hackathon was held and Devcon begins! You can check out the entire scheduling of events and agenda here.

Status is opening up the venue during DevCon4 for people who haven’t got the ticket. That’s a very generous move! Tell us about what people can do there.

Of course! People will be encouraged to participate in socializing, checking out the livestream of Devcon and we’re still finalizing some details of what all will be at the post-event but you can expect loads of fun and awesome people ;). You can still sign up here and some more details are on the form.

Status.im organised global hackathon in May 2017. Has the Ethereum community changed since then?

What hasn’t changed! There has been an amazing amount of progress in so many respects to not only the ethereum community but research into many aspects of status. The global hackathon that we did last year in May was a huge success, but we have changed a lot since then and I really am excited to see progress with our learnings from that hackathon. Extensions is the biggest change in terms of non-core developers building on top of status as we sunsetted our old API. There’s been much discussion around what extensions could mean for the future of “DApps” and you can jump down the rabbit hole from our Docs, Youtube discussions or even forum posts where you can contribute to the discussion :).

Status.im is known for supporting lots of other events (including the ENS hackathon Makoto organised) . What kind of community is status.im most interested in getting involved with?

As Status grows we look to expand in many different communities and events. I’d say there isn’t one specific community we are looking to tailor too close to one specific community and expanding our reach and understanding what different communities need from status. There’s some really good exploration going into this with a recent grassroots effort myself and some others on the team are involved in. Some discussion on the latest here, we’ll be diving deeper at the hackathon on latest thoughts!

You also organise Nashville Blockchain Developers Network. Can you tell us more about the community there?

Absolutely! I’ve been running this meetup for almost a year now and have a really solid co-organizing team that’s been absolutely crucial to its continuance. The community is largely developer focused as we do deep dives into APIs, protocols, new blockchain coding challenges and solutions as well as general fun hacking. The meetup is not “Ethereum” focused per-say but it’s at the pinnacle of development in creating decentralized applications now and has the strongest developer-base as well as projects building on it. We’re hoping to invite some other projects building on protocol stacks outside of ethereum as the entire blockchain ecosystem grows to hear their success, challenges and reasoning.

Deon summers live-coding a rock-paper-scissors solidity DApp

Of course being a contributor to Status’ for almost 2 years now I want to see the community we’ve built in nashville utilizing Status in a real life manner; that means that Kickback+Status is the perfect dream. Attendance is always for almost any meetup less than those who RSVP, even with the strong community built in nashville we peak at 70% attendance for those who RSVP with the normal being 50%. Seeing that Kickback (the artist formerly known as blockparty) helping notch that percentage up to near 100 would be extremely awesome for these events! Skin in the game just helps people have a reason to say yes instead of no :)

What are the challenges running events and managing communities in general?

Hutch: One of the biggest challenges that Kickback in particular could help solve in the attendance RSVP rate / show percentage. If you organize food for 50 people and only 30 show up; you could overspend on food costs easily. When someone has something to lose / gain

As a community managing veteran, do you have any suggestions to people who are also managing events?

Hutch: Ha, I wouldn’t consider myself a veteran quite yet but thank you! I’d mostly suggest to really contribute to the community you’re wanting to build and really listen to people. Always try to get Q&A going and people involved as much as possible so they don’t get bored and disengage. Build a strong team of co-organizers who you know you can rely on because 1 person alone cannot conquer great events. Most of all have fun!

Thank you very much for the long interview! Looking forward to taking part in the #CryptoLife hackathon!

During Status.im hackathon, we are using Kickback to manage RSVP of Philosopher’s salon. Please RSVP here.



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