DevCon4 prep reading series : Interview with MP about EthBerlin, Council of Prague and Cryptoween party!

At ETHBerlin with Jessica Salomon from MakerDAO

In this series, we are interviewing Ethereum community members who are taking key roles bringing community together by organising various events around DevCon4.

In this blog post, we interview Maria Paula Fernández(MP) who has been involved in various hackathons and community events.

Hi, MP. Great to have you on this interview series. Can you introduce yourself?

Hi! I’m María Paula — MP for short — and I work at Golem Project, in communications. You may also know me from ETHBerlin, which I co-organized with a great team, or ECF which I help in comms, or because I’m everywhere and annoying.

I have been working in communications for more than 8 years, and this includes events. I’ve done everything, from 10,000 people sports events, to small, intimate tech meetups. Right now I’m focused on Golem’s own events all over the world and the ones we present at. I just co-organized the NFT summit in San Francisco, and of course, ETHBerlin in September for 900 people, which was one of the best, and hardest experiences of my life. I am extremely proud at the quality of the projects that stemmed out of the hackathon, and about how we approached it and custom-engineered all elements to make it special.

I can’t remember my first Blockchain event, but I can remember my first big Blockchain event, when I was working with Web3 Foundation, a DEX meetup featuring OmiseGO, Web3’s Gavin Wood and Peter, Melonport, Gnosis, Radar Relay, and I’m forgetting a few. We managed to gather 340 people that stayed for all the event listening what the different DEXs had to say. I had 0 budget and a lot of sign-ups but all worked perfectly in the end!

Probably you are known the most as a person behind @ETHBERLIN twitter account. Tell us about how it went?

I think I’m known the most at complaining, but that works too. The ETHBerlin brand image is simply a continuation and exaggeration of my personality. The tone used for some of the articles, and the manifesto are also parts of me. When the team got bigger, and we defined culture and more, the comms became more diverse. But yes, ETHBerlin twitter is basically a continuation of the way I am and just happened organically.

Now that we do have a larger team, they DEFINITELY call me out and have a saying, but we are very much aligned on our view of the world. We are irreverent, daring but consistent, responsible, and most importantly, we deliver.

You are heavily involved in organising Eth Magician’s council of Prague, plus you donated the leftover Kickback deposits to them. How special is EthMagician for you?

ETHMagicians is really special to me because it’s one of those rare opportunities to be heard by people in the space. It’s super inclusive, agnostic and we are working more on these particular matters.

At the same time, the Magicians are pragmatic. I believe that community activism is one of the cornerstones for the sustainable, participate and harmonious growth of Ethereum, and I am really happy to donate some of my non-Golem time for the cause.

You listed your name on so many Ring lists. Which one is your favorite?

Anything that covers responsible blockchain education or UX is my game. At Golem, we have a user-first approach and I believe I am aligned with this, so my interests here are merely a continuation of my work.

I am also extremely interested in various EIPs and helped launch the meta-tx group (MetaCartel) for approaches towards EIP-859, we also did a workshop with Golem on this, and will continue the work.

The highlight of your events would be Cryptoween party on 29th Oct. Can you tell us a bit more about what to expect?

The Golem team is seriously really funny. They may look serious, but once you get to know them, they are hilarious. Oddly enough, I believe that we all like each other hence like hanging out. We like to celebrate our hard work, and decided to team up with with Streamr, ECF - Ethereum Community Fund, and OmiseGO to throw a nicer party — these teams are close to us, and also a lot of fun.

Cryptoween will be, for Golem in particular a much-needed and deserved celebration after releasing a new product, Unlimited, having integrated GPUs (upcoming) and a total team transformation. Moreover that very same day we are having a closed workshop on one of our most promising flagship products, Graphene-ng, our framework for SGX enclave computations, and we’ll need to blow off some steam!

I’d rather keep the party details secret — but one thing: it will either be EPIC or terrible ;)

Why should people watch mean girl and clueless?


Thank you very much for answering all the questions.

If you want to meet MP and talk about mean girls , Golem, EIPs, and memes in general, please join her awesome Cryptoween party via Kickback!