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Hello Polygon!

I am finally pleased to announce that Kickback is deployed to the Polygon network.

We already have another instance on xDAI which has a super low gas price, so why do you deploy yet another one? The answer is community. Each chain has unique sets of Dapps deployed. Polygon especially attracted lots of NFT and Defi communities and I am keen to find out if any of these communities in Polygon want to try out new governance-related features (Governance badges, Ethereum life feed, and Token gated event page)which we introduced recently.

From https://twitter.com/SHGroup101/status/1408261848009383937/photo/1

We are also keen on taking advantage of composability within the Polygon network by integrating NFT and Defi lending features and created a few bounties (1750 DAI in total).

If you are interested in contributing to Kickback while earning bounties, please do apply!

Last not least, a gentle reminder that the Gitcoin GR10 ends tomorrow and even 1 DAI contribution will help to enhance our platform!




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