Introducing “OrochiDAO” and “The year of DAOs” event

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3 min readAug 9, 2019


Yamata no Orochi” (ヤマタノオロチ) is a legendary 8-headed and 8-tailed dragon/snake. It appeared in two Japanese mythology texts written in AD 720. After expulsion from Heaven, Susano o (one of gods) passed by a village where a couple of gods (we used to have 8 million gods so there were lots!) is weeping because they were forced to give the Orochi one of their daughters every year for seven years, and now they must sacrifice their eighth, Kushi-inada princess. To combat the Orochi, Susano o ordered the parents to prepare lots of Sake and cut the head off when the Orochi got super drunk. I named our DAO as OrochiDAO partly due to the weak link to the self sacrifice Moloch has. I also picked the 8-headed and 8-tailed dragon hoping that our sponsorship DAO initiatives stems to benefit many other events to make entire DevCon5 sub events successful as a whole.

At the “The birth of DevCon5 event DAO” blog post, I talked about 5 problems event organisers face when organising side events.

  • 1. Decide the event topic
  • 2. Secure good speakers to make the event more attractive
  • 3. Find sponsors/co-hosts to cover the cost
  • 4. Find the right venue (& make sure to avoid event overlap with events of your allies)
  • 5. Make sure that your event becomes full

Then I presented the possibility of using existing DAO frameworks to help coordinate event organisers from different organisations.

The initial blog post was just a brain dump of my thought experiments but this tweet from Eric Conner of EthHub made me think about the problem a lot deeper.

At the same time, Peter Pan from MetacartelDAO encouraged me to pursue the idea, which lead to the event focused, short lived , experimental DAO called, “OrochiDAO”.


  • OrochiDAO will be a fork of Moloch to manage event sponsorship fee
  • The initial goal of OrochiDAO is for Osaka blockchain week to organise “The year of DAOs” event to celebrate many kinds of DAOs which emerged for the past few years.
  • If the OrochiDAO fund exceeds the cost of “The year of DAOs”, we will aim to sponsor other events.
  • If any sponsors disagree with the sponsorship allocation, they can “Rage quit” to get their allocation back
  • OrochiDAO is intending to live until the end of DevCon5, so that we can experiment the full lifecycle of a DAO (unless the members decide to continue).

I am super excited to announced that MetaCartel took the idea on board and decided to grant $2500 to make this into reality.

As of this writing, our proposal is under voting. If we survive the seven day voting period and the seven day grace period, we should be able to receive the grant by 21st August. Since that’ s in the right middle of Berlin Blockchain week, we may organise something to celebrate the birth of the new DAO!

However this is just the beginning. If we stop at this stage, we only get a fund enough to host one event. We need many ideas, organisers, and especially more sponsors!

If you are one of these, I highly encourage joining OrochiDAO guild

  • Any orgs who are interested in decentralising your own organisation in future. This is the great way to experience what it is like to manage DAO proposals
  • Any orgs who want to sponsor some event during DevCon5 but don’t have much resources to organise your own. Join force with the cool bunch!
  • VCs who often throw private parties during Blockchain weeks. You will get more respect from developer community by sponsoring events critical to the greater good for Ethereum ecosystem such as ENS workshop or Ethereum Magicians, than trying to invite 20 crypto entrepreneurs with Michelin star restaurant chef when half the people don’t even bother turning up.
  • VCs who are interested in staking economy. The great way to test run as well as opportunity to get to know other guild members during DevCon5 to find out new opportunities while promoting your brand (PRO TIP: don’t speak to your partners as if this is an investment decision. Go to your marketing department and ask for sponsorship).
  • You will be in Berlin during Berlin blockchain week and want to join our OrochiDAO “Genesis” ceremony like this.

(TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The above images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual ceremony)

If you have any new event ideas you want to co-create with OrochiDAO, feel free to suggest at the forum here. If you are just keen to find out more, join our telegram channel!