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Kickback and Chillax (DAO): The future of event coordination

How it started:

What’s the best way to decentralise the trust model? DAO! (of course)

We named ourselves ChillaxDAO and launched on the DAOhaus platform.“Chillax” (Chill and Relax) also sounds like Chili, the mascot of MetaCartel. The name also signifies that we want to help create an environment where event organisers can help each other to offload their work. If you have ever organised an event, you know that you are the last one who gets to relax during an event.

We want to help ease that burden.

How it works:

Who we are:







crypt-DAO-palooza 2021

Please support web3 tooling for the real world — if you’re looking to hold an event and would like to use Kickback, reach out to the team!



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