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Kickback at #Devcon4 (Part 1: by the numbers)

Form the start of Status #CryptoLife hackathon through DevCon4, we have organised seven events, of which four have taken place. We would like to reflect our journey so far and would like to welcome any feedback or suggestions for improvements.

Results by the number

So far 438 people have committed ETH 0.02 (total ETH 8.76) and 286 people have been marked as attended (65% turn up) over the four events. On average, people who turned up can withdraw 0.03 making 150% return on commitment.

[Philsospher’s Salon]

The event was a place to gather, converse, and come to an understanding of what the most important, unanswered questions facing our distributed ecosystem really are.

The turn up was around 50% until the end, where a shout out from Chelsea Palmer to the participants who were yet to be marked attended increased the attendance rate to 80%!.

[In the door step of Cryptoanarchy]

This is one of the events organised as part of Devcon4 activities where local volunteers guide you through some of the crypto sightseeing spots.

Due to the event being organised in the very last minute, there were only 2 people signed up — but no one turned up. Luckily one of my friend Robert turned up without even signing up. I urged him to RSVP to take all the ETH. This was the perfect chance to onboard him into the true crypto life, so we spent about 30 min downloading Status mobile wallet, getting ETH and RSVPing.

Rob calling his mate to send some ETH

Cryptoween — a pre-DEVCON4 get-together

While the numbers looks initially disappointing, in reality, the true attendee total was separate invitation lists as well as constant stream of crashers so the true attendee total was 350. Also, parties are not competitions so I am more than happy to refer people to other events if our event is already full.

OPEN HEARTS & OPEN MINDS: Diversity & Inclusivity Party


This is the first time we used Kickback to manage over 100+ of people — it was a completely new experience. We were also adding new features as we ran the event. The ultimate dogfooding experience! Fortunately our admin UI was greatly improved by the time of “OPEN HEARTS OPEN MIND” event.

Oerall, our turn up on parties as lower than we anticipated. We attribute this to the low commitment (0.02ETH is only worth $4) though we afraid we may have missed many people because people comes throughout the event and you cannot expect volunteers to be at the entrance all the time.

Also, there are still a lot of people who lack basic understanding of how to use dApps. Rather than going through our UI, we saw a few transactions sent ETH directly to our contract address (which by default gets rejected). Someone even tried to send triple the amount of ETH-potentially confusing our dApp with an ICO or something similar.

Upcoming events

We currently have 2 booked events and 1 open event.

Alice took the interesting approach of having equal number of registrations on both EventBrite and Kickback. We are keen to find out if our ETH commitment scheme makes any difference despite the fact that our stake is still too low.

Another one is Aragon which opted to have higher commitment (ETH 0.05 as opposed to the default ETH 0.02).

Also the organiser of Aragon recruited volunteers to handle their party throughout the night and John Light already declared the strict “No Kickback no party” policy.

If you have RSVPed to these events, double checked in is to check the event page to make sure you were marked as Checked in. You may also want take a selfie at the event as proof of attendance but make sure to reach out to the event organisers before they finalize their event. Payouts are controlled by smart contracts, so once payouts starts, the event organisers will have little recourse to alter payouts.

If you haven’t tried any of Kickback powered events, there is still one more event open for RSVP.

You can participate “From Political Centralization to Decentralization of Everything” event here. Test Kickback and let us know what you think!



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