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Kickback New Year resolution challenge

30 Days challenge + Kickback Contribution + Match funding = Delegated Giving

2020 is about to end and time to plan what you want to achieve in 2021. We all come up with many new wishes (lose weight, start something new, etc) which don’t last for more than 3 days.

At Kickback, we run series of 30 days fitness challenges where participants pledge money to complete. At the end of the 30 days only the winners get the payout from the pot we all pledged. We want to enhance the challenges with a bit of twist.

If you want to start something new for 2021, read the followings and join the telegram channel.

How it works

  • Participants commit some xDAI to complete.
  • If you drop out, you lose your commitment.
  • If you complete, you are entitled to withdraw your commitment back + the portion of the people drop out (= payout)
  • If you decide to give part or all of the payout to a charity, we are currently aiming to match the donation in proportion to the amount you donated (The total matching amount is TBD. please mention @makoto_inoue or @wearekickback if your company is interested in becoming matching sponsors).

Example Challenges

In the next three weeks leading up to the new year, we will be discussing what challenges would suit for the 30 days challenge format. In addition to try and tested 30 fitness challenges, we may spawn off other challenges like the followings.

  1. Language learning (Sharing Duolingo progress page)
  2. Coding (solving weekly Solidity coding challenges/assignment )
  3. Meditation/Yoga (participating daily + weekly guided zoom session)
  4. Creativity (eg: make NFT art, record a song)

For the Meditation challenge, we have special partnership with Rachel Holmes who have been offering guided meditation and yoga classes to Metacartel DAO members.

Rachel is an oracle, spiritual healer, soul aligner, energetic initiator, teacher of metaphysics, sound healing practitioner, and dancer. She specializes in facilitating the process of grounding one’s Higher Self into their physical Earth body, accessing one’s unique soul gifts, providing practical tools for transformation, and being a clear channel for information to come through. You can can contact Rachel and learn more about her at https://holmeshealing.com.


  • How do you keep track of the progress?

Back in April, we had google spreadsheet tracking each person’s progress which was very time consuming. We have now developed a Discord bot which can track the progress as long as participants upload the proof in image or link to social media (mostly Youtube).

  • How do you prevent cheating?

We can track each user’s activity and can dispute it before making a final decision. Each user has some incentive to keep an eye on each other’s work as slashing others can gain your payout.

However in reality, the malicious activity didn’t really happen (apart from some cheeky one) as long as the commitment is not too high. For higher stake activities, we could come up with additional incentives to encourage more cross monitoring or can higher volunteer admins.

  • What kind of challenges are not suitable?

Due to the format of Kickback, the challenge will be focused to ones where you can submit some sort of proof. For example, “Dry January challenge” is not well suited into our format as it is harder to show the evidence.

  • Isn’t non-Defi use of Blockchain too expensive due to high gas?

Yes, for that reason, we now use the xDAI side chain which has a negligible amount of gas cost.

  • Is Kickback making money out of it?

We are aiming to charge for the usage of our platform and the usage fee of our contribution feature which participants can opt out. For example, if 100 people commit 10 DAI each and 80% of commitment were contributed to charities, the total platform fee is expected to be 40 USD (100 * 10 * 0.8 * 0.05). It’s not a lot of amount but this is also our experiment to see if we can continuously run similar events in a sustainable way. If you would like to contribute to Kickback’s development, we also welcome you to donate 1 DAI to our Gitcoin CLR8.

  • Who do we donate to?

That’s one of the discussions we wanted to have during the planning session among participants as it is still hard to find charities which accept crypto.

If you are running a charity campaign, it’s also possible to donate to your own cause (which other participants may donate as well).

For example, Skylar, one of the Devcon planning team members at the Ethereum Foundation has been travelling across the Americas for his nonprofit “Adventures for Alopecia”, to raise awareness of Alopecia, which he himself has.

Someone like him can participate in the challenge while spreading awareness of the cause among fellow participants.

  • Can I only participate but not to donate?

It’s up to you. You make the decision once the challenge is complete at the end of the January and withdraw your payout.

This is what you see once the challenge ends. You will have an option of either donate or withdraw all

If you want to start something new for 2021, join the telegram channel to discuss the challenges.




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