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Kickback powered side events at Devcon5

It’s my third year since I started hosting events on Kickback (back then used to be called something else). It started as a small dinner party in Shanghai leading to Prague where we relaunched as a general platform.

This year, we are proud to announce our 10 launching partners who will be hosting events on Kickback during Devcon5.

Oct 2nd (Wed)

  • ️🌶️”Bringing Web3 to Mass Adoption” = Are you in SF prepping to head to Osaka? Join MetaCartel DAO & Audius people to share the excitment. A panel will discuss the state of Web 3, Ethereum, DAOs, DeFi, smart wallets and more

Oct 6th (Sun)

  • 👹“The Year of DAOs: Moloch Rises” = By Moloch and friends. We kick off Osaka Blockchain week on Kickback with our own event in partnership with Moloch. Including lightning talks from Moloch families and “DAOs Past, Present & Future Panel” from Ethereum OGs.
  • ❓“Demo time at the mystery box!” =By Safe, Raiden and Trustlines. Demos, a few drinks and a black box will be waiting for you!

Oct 7th (Mon)

  • 🧀“Dapper Labs & Friends: Web3 Business Models” = By Dapper Labs and friends. Join to talk about application funding, value capture, and exploring business models for new types of dapps.
  • 💌 “#Daisuki Meetup” = By MakerDAO. DAI is now live on Kickback! 😍We couldn’t miss the chance to celebrate this moment by being the first ones to use it.

Oct 9th (Wed)

Oct 10th (Thurs)

Oct 11th (Fri)

  • 🦅“Aragon Dream DAO Party — DAICO Edition” = By Aragon. Attendees will be able to sign up to give a five minute pitch of their Dream DAICO for a chance to win a grand prize of 500 ANT and 500 DAI, with a runner up prize of 250 ANT and 250 DAI.

Pretty much a few Kickback events every day! Who will be repeating the glory of last year?

In addition to gaining extra DAI/ETH for turning up, we are brainstorming ideas to reward users by attending many of Kickback powered events with OrochiDAO members. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements.

How to enjoy the Kickback experience

Using Kickback is pretty straight forward yet you have to be aware of a few gotchas which is unique to have crypto incentives on Blockchain like Kickback.

High Gas price

Unfortunately, there has been an increase and volatility on gas price for the last few weeks .

You may want to follow the advice of these veterans so that your transaction doesn’t pend forever.

My go-to tool is Gitcoin heatmap which visualises when is the best time to RSVP.

What happens if your transaction gets stuck forever? If you RSVPed using Metamask, You can either “Speed Up” or “Cancel” your transaction to send it again.

Checking in

Check in is done by event organisers manually via our web admin page. People often get missed out to be checked in because they come too late. The best way to protect your commitment is to come early and make sure to check on the site that your status is “Marked attended”. Read the following for more details.

We couldn’t have gotten to this stage without lots of support!

After graduating Status incubate program last year, we have received grants from Consensys (Crypto user education and on-boarding), MakerDAO (DAI integration) , and Metacartel (Orochi DAO initiative) and their financial contribution helped us a lot to progress.

In addition to these organisations, we also started receiving individual donations from Gitcoin grants.

Not only financial contributions, but we have received a couple of PR for improvements as well as feature requests on Github issues.

Thanks for initiating the effort. Took more than one year to integrate but we made it!

When encountering bugs and UX issues, thank you so much for reporting to us as well as waiting to be fixed very patiently.

New partnerships

Last not but least, we would like thank all partners of two organisations we recently formed. Devcon5 is a huge event and we can’t make impact on our own.

Osaka Blockchain Week

Osaka Blockchain Week is the collective of people from Osaka and the aim is to facilitate hosting side events. The Osaka Blockchain Week calendar now hosts over 50 events and still counting .If you want to get up to date info, please join their telegram channel.

Orochi DAO

OrochiDAO started as a single blog post, received a grant from Metacartel, grew into over 10 members with 5000 DAI in our DAO and new members still keep joining.

Not only sponsoring our own “The year of DAOs: Moloch Rises” event, we are also planning ways to make side events fun and probably will have our own social event. To get up to date info, please follow our Twitter account.




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