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Lessons (literary) Learning for using Dapp at large scale events

TLDR; ETHNewYork hackathon is currently “dog fooding” by using Kickback Event management Dapp as their hackathon confirmation tool. Half of the people who have received acceptance email still have not confirmed yet. Prior to opening up the rest of the spot to the people in the wait list, we will analyse the usage of the Dapp from the available data.

1. RSVP rate

x axis is the date in April and y axis is the aggregated number of transactions via etherscan

So far ETHGlobal emailed 200 accepted hackers in two separate dates (12th and 24th April) and you see RSVP spikes right after these two dates.

As expected, nearly 50% of recipients have not RSVPed yet (The usual no show rates of most free events). Traditionally event organisers have no visibility on the commitment of participants so they think all accepted people will come to their event, only facing disappointment on the day of the event. Kickback will make you realise that you really have to work hard to make people commit to the event. EthGlobal will soon be announcing their judges and speakers so hopefully that will encourage the un-decided people to commit to their attendance.

You may argue that some participants may have not realised that they still have to take extra actions. That was our biggest concern so I worked with Heather from EthGlobal to make acceptance email as explicit as possible.

Hackathon acceptance email warning that you have to RSVP via Kickback

We use MixPanel to track three events, “Event page viewed”, “Sign up button pressed”, “RSVP button pressed”. The last step (“RSVPed”) is inferred based on the actual RSVP we have on Kickback.

As far as we understand from the tracking funnel, we have seen nearly 200 direct page views to the event so we are confident that majority of people are aware that Kickback is mandatory for confirmation. Having said that, if any of your friends are planning to go to the Hackathon, make sure that they have RSVPed. ETHGlobal will soon announce judges and speakers as well as the invitation to the people in the wait list so your spot will not be guaranteed once the space becomes full.

2. Usage profile breakdown using Blocknative Assist.js

One of the concerns of using a Dapp for your event is the possible friction it may bring to people who are new to the space.
ETHGlobal has been really good at bringing new people so far so we have to try our best to help onboarding them.

In addition to writing down easy on-boarding instruction in the acceptance email, Kickback integrated with Blocknative Assist.js which gives the best on-boarding dialogue for Desktop (their Mobile on-boarding is coming soon).

We set Blocknative to fire on-boarding event only if users have either clicked “Sign in” or “RSVP” because they don’t necessarily need to be connected to a wallet to browse our event information (the majority of read only data is cached in our server side so users can see the event detail without connecting to the dapp browser).

Blocknative also offers simple analytics to show what’s causing problems connecting to the Ethereum network.

It’s interesting that nearly half of the reasons are the fact that MetaMask is installed but not logged into yet. The reason could be that people may have MetaMask but don’t use it often so it gets logged out at some stage. In order to ensure user privacy, Blocknative does not capture session information so it is hard to tell that it is the right representation for all the users.

Even though the chart tells a limited amount of information, Blocknative captures more data if you dig deeper into their api doc,

list of fields you can acquire via Blocknative

By sending this information to MixPanel and tie into our session info, we have a bit more visibility on user profiles. Here is breakdown of the 100 sessions we were able to capture.

- false = 84
- true =16 (only 6 people completed RSVP)


- Chrome = 86 (NOTE: this may include Brave)
- Firefox = 4
- Mobile Safari = 5
- Opera =4
- Safari =1

Has ETH?
( For privacy reason, we only send binary information, not the exact amount )

- false = 23
- true = 77


- Unknown = 15
- Infura Websocket = 8
- Cipher = 2
- MetaMask = 72
- Trust = 3

(NOTE: ImToken and Status did not show any trail of their wallet information when I tested).


A few of the learnings so far indicates that the registration is mostly done via MetaMask from Desktop though we start seeing a few mobile browsers such as Trust wallet, Opera, and Cipher.

What we are not 100% sure of is whether people have not RSVPed because they are indecisive or have been struggling to install wallets and buy ETH. I dug deeper into the 22 people who had No ETH and only 2 people had other issues such as connecting to wrong network or had a problem connecting. It is concerning that nearly 20% of people who clicked Sign in / RSVP buttons didn’t have any ETH despite that they had wallet installed

NOTE1: You do not need ETH to Sign in as we only use it to sign signature

NOTE2: ETHGlobal informed me that 95% of the accepted hackers described themselves as intermediate or experienced. I wonder why 20% of people connected without ETHs. Are they more of theoretical expert?

Again, ETHGlobal acceptance email has a brief instruction on how to setup and buy ETH.

In terms of using Kickback, so far we had 2 enquiries having problems using Kickback (one was due to our bug, sorry!).

If you received the acceptance email but struggling to either install wallets, buy ETH or use Kickback, please contact ETH Global(hello@ethglobal.co) and Kickback(hello@kickback.events) so that we can try our best to help you before the space is filled up.

If you have any good ideas to improve our on-boarding process, let us know!




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