Organise your Ethereum Meetup with Kickback XXSmas NFT token

Nov 20, 2019 · 3 min read

The bigger the better?

Yes, I understand how you feel. Back in 2017, any Ethereum (or crypto/blockchain/DLT/ICO/Token, pick your name) events were packed.

It’s almost 2 years since the bubble burst and I guess most meet-ups have never recovered to its old days. You feel your event is stagnated because your expectation is still high. However, you may be blinded by your past glory.

Why does your event have to fill 100 people? Despite everybody believes in decentralisation, people are too much preoccupied with “the size matters” MENtality when it comes to hosting events.

From I cannot embed the meme. I hate you Medium!

If you keep hiring big venues and fear of embarrassment of having empty space, then I propose meetup “Danshari”, the popular concept introduced to the western world by Konmari.

There are so many benefits of keeping your event size small. There is less stress setting up your event and you are more likely to have a chance to talk to everybody at the event. The interaction and deep conversation with your fellow attendees are what spark joy to your event, not the well known keynote speakers and thot leaders.

Never run the meetup before and don’t have topics to talk about? Then join buidl ambassador program which gives you guidance and content.

Small meet-ups don’t attract sponsors? That’s not true. Something like Maker micro grant program will more likely to accept your application if your ask is modest.

If you keep your venue size, capacity and expectation small, then it is not so difficult to make your event less empty.

However, having a small size of the venue have the issue of RSVP filling up quickly. Now you know where I am going. Use Kickback! I understand that our current $1/1 turn-up pricing could become a bit pricy and unpredictable. For that reason, we are experimenting with new pricing which is a fixed based on the capacity.

Introducing Kickback Merry XXSmas NFT Token

In exchange for this token, you can hold Kickback event up to 20 people (about half the price of our current pricing). Since this is an experiment, we will issue 5 tokens on OpenSea which is redeemable until the end of 2019 to see how it goes. Here are our terms and conditions

  • This gift token has the right to use Kickback once between December 2019 ~ March 2020.
  • The cap is limited to 20 people.
  • To redeem the right, the owners of the tokens have to contact Kickback team by the end of 2019 to schedule their next events.
  • To prevent fake and malicious events from event participants, Kickback has the right to reject any events if found inappropriate.

You can buy the first token here.

I still don’t want to pay!

If your budget is stretched, don’t feel certain about paying for our service, or simply just don’t want to pay to us, there are other ways.

First, asks your friend to refer the Maker program I just mentioned using Bounties Network. He gets 25DAI referral fee if you organise an event (which talks about MakerDAO, great chance to teach each other about the new DAI Vault system), and you guys still have 15 DAI even after paying 10 DAI to us.

The second option, wait until NFT Advent Calendar which Mintbase HQ is currently working on along with other companies. As part of the advent calendar, we will give away 5 of our NFT tokens for free. This will be a fun experiment for you to meet and greet their special avatar at the beautifully decorated VR space. Check out their blogpost to learn how to participate.

Let’s have awesome events which spark you joy!




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