Orochi DAO new sponsor pledging guide

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3 min readSep 6, 2019


Thank you very much for showing interests on joining Orochi DAO, a special purposed DAO to manage Devcon5 sponsorships and co-create “The year of DAOs” event collectively (please read here for the membership benefits).

In this guide, I will go through the steps you need to be able to pledge your sponsorship into our DAO.

Before you start:

You need to be aware that there are two different sites handling different purposes

  • https://daohaus.club will bundle initial on boarding. You need to access with any Web3 aware wallets (We will use Metamask in this guide).
  • https://orochi.kickback.events will allow existing members to make new proposals and votes for it (Out of scope for this guide).


Have 500 DAI loaded onto your Metamask account

Step 1:Go to https://daohaus.club and click “Sign in with Ethereum”

Step2: Click “Orochi DAO” and Click “Pledge to Join”

Step3: Add your detail and click “Pledge”!

  • Name = The name of the company you are sponsoring as
  • Bio = Some information about your company
  • Pledging amount = 500 DAI minimum but feel free to pledge more to gain more voting power!
  • Shares = The same amount as the pledging amount (minimum 500).

By requesting equal amount of pledge and shares, you will own voting right in proportion to the amount you sponsored.

(Bonus step): Click “Profile” to create profile at 3Box

This will allow you to set additional information such as your profile image, social media account, and so on.

What happens afterword?

If everything works as intended, you should see something like this ready to join.

Contact the summoner at this point. He will create a proposal to add you as a Orochi DAO sponsor.

Everything will be done in the following order.

  • In Queue (5 hours) = If you find any mistakes, we can abort the request if there were mistakes. The request will stack up in this phase.
  • Voting Period (2 days) = Existing members will vote on each proposal.
  • Grace Period (1 day)= Anyone who voted against can rage quit.
  • Ready For Process = Anyone can process (and receives 1 DAI reward).