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The attack of Uniswap clones: 🍣 vs sashimi vs 🍶 vs 🌕 vs….

Our Kickback co-founder Jeff Lau and Ramesh Nair have been hunting down these Sushi clones, so we will try to give as much update as we can.

NOTE: Before you YOLO in, Make sure DYOR!

If you are new into ponzinomics, you should watch this video by

And here is advice from my Yield farming Sensei. Try to avoid buying these tokens directly(which often shows the highest yield) but rather farm with ETH-[Legit tokens]. If someone reg pulls, the farming token price may plunge, but at least your staked tokens are SAFU(unless there is a smart contract bug on the staking part).

Here is a quick tip to self-audit the contract.

With that in mind, let’s go.

🍣 Sushi

There are more than enough podcasts telling the Sushi saga so will link one by the core contributor, 0xMaki.


  • Pre-migration stage (hence you need to put LP on Uniswap)
  • “upgraded & simplified SUSHI”, though you need to spend 6 transactions (and cost around $20 with gas price around 130~150 gwei).
  • Start-End date: Started 10:00 am on September 10, SGT, with a 10x bonus (end height 10,933,000, estimate time of ) for the first 100,000 blocks, which means we’ll release 1,000 SASHIMI tokens in each of the first 100,000 blocks. After 100,000 blocks, each block will release 100 SASHIMI tokens.
  • Distribution = Unlike SushiSwap, which distributes 10% of its funding each time to the founding team for development, future iterations, audits, etc. SashimiSwap did away with such “development funds”. SashimiSwap charges a 0.3% transaction fee, of which 0.25% will be used to reward users for adding liquidity. After the aelf mainnet is launched, the remaining 0.05% will be sent to SASHIMI DAO contract, which will all be used for community governance.

🍶 Sake

  • Start-End date: (block ). 0.5x for the first 5 days (13th Sep), 10x the next 15 days (28th Sep), and 1 x in the last 15 days (13th Oct).
  • Unlike SUSHI Token that has unlimited total volume, we set SAKE token a limited total volume to avoid dilution
  • Distribution = SakeSwap follows the transaction fee distribution of SushiSwap, namely 0.25% goes directly to the active liquidity providers, while the remaining 0.05% gets converted back to SAKE (obviously through SakeSwap). 30 % of the remaining 0.05 % will be burned and the rest 70 % will be distributed to all SAKE token holders.
  • 50 % slippage capacity = SakeSwap introduces Slippage Token (S token) to incentivize traders. Similar to Mooniswap?

Update from the frontline

🌕 Moon

Update from the frontline: There is a Reg pull potential alert so be careful

What else?

The Yield farming ecosystem started evolving in the lightning speed and new things keep popping up. I am sure this weekend will be another hell! Be careful and don’t put your life-saving!

Already over 20 hrs old latest YF ecosystem landscape



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