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The rise of YOU Token

  • New feature: ERC20 Support
  • Roll, social money
  • How to commit $ALEX to attend MetaCartel meetup at EthDenver and get MetaCartel sticker

New feature: ERC20 Support

Since we integrated DAI into Kickback, it was technically possible for organisers to choose any ERC 20 tokens as a commitment currency at smart contract level. It was our lack of time and resources not being able to support it at UI level but thanks to the last Gitcoin bounty, it is now possible. Kudos to Tom French for implementing the change.

When we issued the Gitcoin bounty at the beginning of the year, the obvious use case of this feature was for Dapps and Blockchain protocol companies to organize events against their token holders. We anticipated that the use cases are limited to those who managed to do a crowd sale such as GEN for DAOFest, ANT/ANJ for Aragon events, SNT for Status network, and so on.

However, dozens of strange tokens started popping up in the last few weeks in my twitter feed (mostly among DAO enthusiasts).

Roll, social money

The idea of creating your own token itself is nothing new. ERC20 in one of the oldest Ethereum Token standards that lead to hundreds of ICOs in 2017. While these tokens have to work hard to be listed on centralized exchanges (sometimes paying huge amounts of money), Uniswap now allows people to pool the liquidity so that any tokens can be swapped. Because Uniswap protocol has no middleman, anyone can add liquidity by passing token address and amount as query params like “https://uniswap.exchange/swap?exactField=output?exactAmount=45000?outputCurrency=0xdcfe18bc46f5a0cd0d3af0c2155d2bcb5ade2fc5?theme=light”.

The app which streamlined the whole experience of both minting and swapping “You Token” is called Roll.

Roll is a platform that allows people to mint a fixed number of tokens. Users can set any perks they like to give in exchange for their own tokens. What makes Roll very interesting is the fact that they forked the frontend of Uniswap to list all the tokens minted by their platform so that is super easy to buy these tokens.

Airdopping is also super easy with their claim page. I already got some $JULIEN

Bradley Miles, CEO of Roll, told me that the trend is going beyond these DAO enthusiasts and now spreading across online gamers and NFT artists as their fan engagement tool.

Each token has its own unique usages. With the integration of ERC20 on Kickback, any Token now will have consistent usage to use their tokens to organize events among their community members (offline meetup to begin with but online meetup will also be on the horizon). Let’s do this!

How to commit $ALEX to attend MetaCartel meetup on Kickback during EthDenver

Alex Masmej is the next generation of Crypto star in the making. He is very active on every MolochDAOs existing, posts frequently on Pepo, and launched RocketNFT that allows you to get a loan against your NFT.

As a man of experimentation, he kindly agrees to be the guinea pig who organises a MetaCartel event using Kickback, literally staking his own reputation, aka $ALEX token

If you are heading to EthDenver, this is the perfect chance to join the experiment (and get some cool Metacartel Stickers). Here are the steps to join.

  1. Get $ALEX at Exchange.tryroll

The commitment costs 1000 ALEX which is around 0.03 ETH (5 USD)

2. Go to Etherscan and search “AlexMasmej” to get the token address

If you can’t be bothered going to Etherscan it’s actually 0x8BA6DcC667d3FF64C1A2123cE72FF5F0199E5315.

3. For any wallet that supports to list a custom token, add the token address.

4. Once done, you log in to Kickback, press “Allow RSVP with Token” followed by “RSVP with 1000.00 ALEX”, and now you are done.

Unfortunately, neither Bradley nor I can make it to the event (I will arrive later in the day) but we RSVPed anyway so that our 2000 $ALEX is for all attendees to share (The rule of Kickback is that any no show commitments will be split among who turn up). This will be my first event ever to lose my commitment but willing to do it for this great experiment. If you did turn up and got some of my $ALEX, please take lots of photos and share them on Twitter!

2000 $ALEX to share!




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