Use Kickback NFT for token gated online events

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3 min readSep 11, 2021


In our previous post, we talked about “Token gated event page” that allows only certain token holders to RSVP. Once you attend the event, you can also easily issue POAP badges as Kickback has the ETH address of all the attendees (or you can even use POAP badge as a check-in mechanism).

In this blog post, we will introduce our new feature, “Kickback ticket as NFT” and how event organisers can host ticket holder only events.

Step 1. Create and RSVP an event on Kickback

Once you create an event, the event URL (/address/0x…) contains the token collection address.

To actually visit the NFT itself, you can click OpenSea logo of the event on your profile page (Being able to see your NFT on OpenSea is part of the reason we integrated Kickback into Polygon).

Step 2. Add bot into your discord server is a bot framework service that links web3 and web2 world. It connects your chat system (Discord, Telegram, etc) identities with your Ethereum address and can do various token based activities like airdrop or token gated page.

Once everything is set up successfully, you should see collabland-config channel on your server where you can start configuring the bot.

Step 3. Setup roles and channels on Discord

Before activating the token gated channel, you need to create a private channel and create Discord role which has access to the channel.

For our meetup, I created meetig voice channel and meeting-text text channel and allow anyone with chillax-meeting-sep-09-2001 role to be able to access.

Step 4. Assign the role to the Kickback NFT

Once roles and channels are setup, type !setup role to continue.

It will ask a bunch of questions such as network (Matic) and token type (erc721).

At the final step, you have to provide the NFT contract address, min-max number of tokens (1 to infinite), with discord role.

As mentioned in step 1, our Kickback event contract is the NFT itself, so you can use the address to set it up.

Once everything is setup !list role should show your event detail as follows.

Event time!

To try our own dog food, we hosted the event on Discord using this method and everyone who RSVPed (except one) was able to make it.

We also issued POAP badges to the participants which you can see on our event page.