Sara Miteva
Jul 18 · 5 min read

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A ‘data scientist’ may sound like science fiction to some. Well, their title says it all. A data scientist interprets data through various statistical and mathematical methods.

It’s a pretty geeky profession really. You can recognize Data Scientists after their authentic personality.

They sure don’t believe in everything you say. They will always ask you “How?” and “Why?” They ask EVERYTHING and want to have everything clear. Even when you answer all their questions, they still won’t believe you because — where’s your data?

They always go one step further than everyone else and think of more different ways to solve a problem. This can be boring for other people who do things in a more simple way.

Data scientists are overthinkers. Each problem has a hundred sides, and a data scientist needs to think about each of them.

Their lives revolve around numbers. Other people sometimes think they really see numbers in front of them, like in the movies. Which means they LOVE math.

Although they’re really into math and coding, they’re also really interested in business. They’re really good at communication, but they only do it when necessary.

So, how does a day in the life of a data scientist look like?

06:00 Soothing jazz music starts. The data scientist wakes up slowly and turns off the alarm. They get up and go to the window. There’s a storm outside — the data scientist’s perfect weather. They don’t open the curtains, though. The room is just perfect when it’s dark. The data scientist opens up their laptop and starts solving some math problems. Everyone should have some self-time in the morning.

07:00 The data scientist is still solving math problems, looking very excited.

08:00 The data scientist has solved the problem, happily getting up of the chair. It’s time to get ready for work. Getting dressed. Black turtleneck dress, black boots, black coat. The data scientist’s favorite color.

08:30 The data scientist gets an umbrella and walks to work. Before getting out of the apartment, they carefully look to see whether the neighbors are out. Meeting those boring people who have an unexplainable desire for chit-chat wouldn’t be such a great start of the day. After leaving the building successfully, the data scientist walks to work. it’s so pleasant to walk when the weather is so lovely.

09:00 The data scientist arrives at work and makes a coffee. Doesn’t say anything to the people they meet on the way to the kitchen. Just nods. It’s more than enough.

09:30 It’s time to check the news of the tech world. The data scientist carefully reviews every new article and researches everything that’s behind every news. Half of them don’t make sense. People nowadays write something just for the sake of it and don’t even check the facts.

10:00 The back end developer comes. “My favorite person. The only person in this company I can talk to about interesting stuff. No one else understands us.” They discuss recent tech news for almost an hour. Such a pleasant talk. The back end developer tries flirting but gives up very quickly. The data scientist simply doesn’t see it from all the excitement about the tech news.

11:00 Let’s check the email and reply to each one of them with a question. People don’t seem to understand how important it is to know all the facts.

12:00 Break. Everyone seems to have a lot to say about how the weekend went. The front end developer broke up with his girlfriend. She cheated. “Why?” the data scientist asks. “I don’t care why, she cheated, it’s over,” he answers. “But, it can’t be for nothing. There has to be something from your side that provoked it,” the data scientist is persistent. “I think you should seriously ask yourself why did she turn to another person. Something was obviously wrong from your side,” concludes the data scientist, still wondering how people don’t examine all the facts before coming to a conclusion.

13:00 Some real work time. The data scientist puts on headphones, Tame Impala is playing. Do not disturb, please.

15:00 The data scientist is still working. They haven’t turned their head from the computer for two straight hours.

16:00 Continuing. Three hours without stopping.

17:00 Working hours are over. Too bad. It could have been a much better day if it had like two more hours. People are happy — they’re going to an after-work party. Not the data scientist, of course. They are headed to the library.

18:00 Picked up a big, fat, mystery book and headed home. Can’t wait to start reading it.

19:00 The data scientist is still enjoying the mystery book. It’s time to cook dinner now, a fellow data scientist is coming over.

20:00 The two data scientists are enjoying some pasta and talking about data. This night couldn’t have gone better.

21:00 The friend data scientist is now leaving. It’s a workday tomorrow after all. “Data talks were pretty great. We should do it again some times.”

21:15 It’s time for some more self-time before going to bed. “Hello math problems, I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”

22:30 It would have been so great if the day had a few more hours. But, the data scientist now needs to go to bed. They put on the audio version of Peter Pan and fall asleep.

This is a parody article. The characters in this article are a product of imagination. Any resemblance with actual persons is purely coincidental.

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Laika is a free platform where Tech professionals can find a job they love in the Balkans.

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