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A Day in the Life of a Front End Developer

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Front-end developers are the people who are creating the front end of a website. Yes, yes, we know that :)

But who is the front-end developer really?

They aren’t typical developers. Some believe they are the most human-like software developers. They are pretty communicative actually. But, not as much as the marketing team.

Every front-end developer job post says you need to be detail-oriented. And they really ARE detail-oriented. Designers and backend developers know what I’m talking about. They will investigate every single part of a story and torture designers until they create it exactly as they imagined.

How do front end developers spend their day?

06:30 Rise and shine. The alarm rang and the front end developer gets up immediately. They open their curtains to see the bright morning light. What a beautiful day! The front end developer now decides it’s time for morning yoga. After this is done, the feeling is even better! They go out on the terrace to breathe in that morning peace.

6:45 Coffee time! The most important part of the day. The front end developer now picks up a book and reads for ten minutes, having their mandatory “me, myself, and I” time. When this is done, the cucumber water awaits, and the front end developer gives their body a proper detox before breakfast. The breakfast is, of course, oatmeal with LOTS of fruits.

7:00 Now, it’s time to get dressed and start the day. The clothes are ready from the previous night, and our front end developer puts on the perfectly ironed checkered shirt and a small, but effective scarf. Hair is perfect, and we’re ready!

7:30 The front end developer gets out of their apartment, smiling and saying hi to all the neighbors. They’re all sleepy and in a bad mood, but our developer never lets other people’s impact get in the way. We’re going to have the perfect day! The bike is out, and after putting some flowers in the basket on the front, the developer takes off. Ah, such a pleasant morning breeze on the way to work.

8:00 Hello colleagues! Are we ready to rock another day? Yes, we are! The front end developer gets into the office and says hi to everyone. “I’m so lucky to have such great colleagues.” They go to their desk, putting some fresh flowers in the vase and organizing all the sticky notes according to their color. The OCD must not suffer!

8:30 Email checking. “Hello, Julie, my dearest client! She’s so lovely, she always responds on time. I’m so lucky to have such awesome clients.” It’s time for another coffee and chit-chat with the colleagues. You know, the standard thing — who went out on the weekend, some new gossips, etc.

9:00 Meetings time! Standard morning meetings where everything gets checked up. Our developer considers these meetings as the most important part of the day since everything has to be perfect before actually starting to work.

11:00 Finally, work begins! “I’m so blessed to have this awesome job. I can really show my creativity in its best!”

12:30 Break time! The frontend developer finally got hungry, but today they get something lighter, like a salad. However, proteins are also needed, so they order some extra nuts. Colleagues are eating burgers. Well, it’s your choice, but the body is the only place we have to live in!

13:30 Back to work. Ah, it was such a great salad! It provided the required energy that our developer needs to go on with the workday. Now they put the headphones on, and no disturbing is permitted. Work mode ON.

15:30 Client meeting. Moving to the meetings room. Such a great room with lots of light. Why can’t the whole office have so much light? It really boosts energy. Oh, here comes the client. She’s wearing a flower shirt and a black pencil skirt, with some mid-height high heels. “She’s so stylish!” The meeting goes great, of course, and further cooperation is planned.

16:30 A man can’t have bad days with so great clients. Work goes by so fast when you’re on the right team. It’s now time for the front end developer to get ready and leave. But, it wouldn’t be so hard for them to stay even longer. Perfect days like this one should last forever.

17:30 Hello after-work party! We move the great energy from the office to the nearest cocktail bar. The DJ is playing some joyful soul music and friends keep coming. Most of them are tired and not so happy from work. Our front end developer can’t understand this. “Everyone is responsible for their own happiness.” Mojitos keep coming and the atmosphere is heating up.

20:00 Time to go home. Happy and a little dizzy, our front end developer gets home decides it’s time for some light dinner. Toasted bread with avocado and some feta cheese is a perfect choice. And Netflix is here to keep them company during dinner. What to watch? The new episode of Big Little Lies, of course! And a mandatory Friends episode before bed.

21:30 Every person should have an hour for themselves before going to bed. That’s why the front end developer puts on a refreshing face mask and enjoys a good book at this time. Today’s choice? Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

22:30 What a great book! Gotta find some more Malcolm Gladwell books tomorrow! Until then, the front end developer needs to get some sleep because a lot of work is awaiting tomorrow!

This is a parody article. The characters in this article are a product of imagination. Any resemblance with actual persons is purely coincidental.

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