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May 20 · 3 min read

This piece is written by www.wearelaika.com, a platform for matching Tech professionals with companies. Check out more content here.

What might you do to accomplish your 10-year-goals in the next six months if you had a gun against your head?

Laika Beta is now Live.

What an epic day for the whole team. We gave everything we’ve got to make this Beta Launch possible, and this is only the warm-up.

We popped confetti with each completed feature and each debugged corner before we were ready to show it to the world. The most important milestone is reached! Give us a minute to celebrate, shake off the emotional hangover and start working on the next features.

Features available now:

  1. Job Board — Hottest vacancies are listed, many more are coming.
  2. Talent Portfolios — Tech Professionals create skill-based portfolios in 2 minutes. No Cover letter required.

Matching Tech pros and companies is on. Once they find each other, we are out of the picture. Talents are 100% anonymous until they decide to reveal their identity. Try it out and tell us what you think.

Next features:

Companies apply to the Tech talent. Company Page. Dashboards and analytics. HR Learning Station.

The future of the platform:

We envision Laika like something more than just a job searching platform. Laika is about community, growth, education, mentorship, giving back. We know there is an extraordinary Tech talent pool in this region. We will help it interconnect, share, learn and grow together with us.

We see our team as an evolving unit and Laika as an evolving concept. We formed it for the contemporary Tech professionals, and we will adapt as they go.

We found out that 70% of Tech Professionals are passive job seekers. What does this mean? That they have a job they like, but would consider a better offer. And that is why we designed this platform to help them explore while staying undercover. Everyone can have a job they love.

The internet, LinkedIn and the current recruitment channels are just noisy. Many requirements, irrelevant job offers, complicated processes = Tech people are avoiding them.

Tech pros — especially developers are like a darts target. Countless job offers are thrown at them, sometimes, unfortunately through automated messages that are not targeted. This becomes annoying and after a while, they decide to deactivate their accounts.

Register, create a CV, write a cover letter, choose a good photo, do a handstand. On Laika you create a skill-based portfolio and that's how our algorithm works. The algorithm matches the right people with the right job opportunities, without the annoying inbox messages. We don’t focus on the details. Because details don’t matter if you are asking a fish to climb a tree, or you are asking a Full-stack developer to work on a Frontend job position. It's annoying and inefficient. That’s exactly why Laika is not a social network.

The companies on Laika

We respect diversity and understand that all companies have different cycles. We will work hard to help them make the most of their hiring round. Laika is the centralized source for Tech talent from the Balkans with a couple of performance enhancing features, helping companies hire more effectively. We know that 10x the results don’t require 10x the effort, so we designed it in a way that it is simple, and focuses on the biggest pain points in modern-day talent acquisition and retention. Companies don’t need third-party recruiting services. If the candidate is on the market, they’re on Laika.

This is the first step of the long journey. We don’t want to give away too much.

Now over to you.

We have 6100 tech professionals and 100+ companies on Laika, and we need your help. In order for Laika to transform the Balkan job market for the better, we need to spread the word. Share it with friends and colleagues, help us make the community bigger - and help a friend get a job they would love.

Thank you for your support,

The Laika Team ❤️️


Laika is a free platform where Tech professionals can find a job they love in the Balkans.

We Are Laika

Written by

Laika is a free platform where Tech professionals can find a job they love in the Balkans.


Laika is a free platform where Tech professionals can find a job they love in the Balkans.

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