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Jul 17 · 2 min read

This piece is written by www.wearelaika.com, a platform for matching Tech professionals with companies. Check out more content here.

‘Laika, Meet the future’ events are a series of free, week-long satellite events about technology. We gather Engineers to talk about the latest Tech, learn, share and connect around a different topic each month on a few different locations.


Do you want to start caring by sharing? Do you want to start paying it forward and help the community grow? We welcome you to share your piece of mind.

Apply to participate in ‘Laika, Meet the Future’ as a speaker, tutor or mentor: https://wearelaika155749.typeform.com/to/UBQwsL

Whether you have an itching revelation you want to share with the world, a shortcut to solving a common engineering problem, or a case study that will blow our minds — we want to hear it. Our community is open to bright minds that love impacting others.

Make sure to tell us the level of your shareable knowledge (senior, intermediate, junior) and the type of the session you can host (business talk, technical talk, educational talk, or a technical tutorial).

Do you want to suggest a topic? We’d love to hear it. Send us a DM or write to us at hello@wearelaika.com

📣Open call for COMPANIES.

We want to work with cool IT Companies that know their Tech, and want to join us in creating a stronger Tech ecosystem. We invite you to share your knowledge with the community by hosting ‘Laika, Meet the Future’.

Whether you want to welcome us at your venue for a chat about the latest technologies, or you want your all-star team to mentor the community on a Tech-specific topic, by contributing to this event you can grow inside out.

Apply here: https://wearelaika155749.typeform.com/to/KByKyG


The last event was attended by 130 people in 2 days, covering the following topics:

  • ‘AI that helps computers see — from science to product.’ Svetlana Kordumova, Ph.D
  • ‘Application and challenges of AI Text analytics.’ Dushko Todevski
  • ‘Applied Data Science: Ambient Intelligence and Wearable Computing.’ Hristijan Gjoreski, Ph.D
  • ‘AI and Machine Learning in personal finance — present and future applications.’ Andrej Naumovski
  • ‘The Future of Work and Innovation’ Alina Gratschner

Laika is a platform for connecting Tech professionals with IT Companies in Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Croatia.

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Laika is a free platform where Tech professionals can find a job they love in the Balkans.

We Are Laika

Written by

Laika is a free platform where Tech professionals can find a job they love in the Balkans.


Laika is a free platform where Tech professionals can find a job they love in the Balkans.

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