The Balkan Tech: Nebb on employee retention

Most Tech professionals know that a job in IT is not so difficult to find.

Companies tackle this challenge by investing a lot of time, energy and love into retaining employees, creating the best environment possible for them.

It all comes down to — Acquisition is not easy, retention is hard. Except for the traditional ways of retaining employees like company culture, benefit packages, growth opportunities, and team buildings, we want to explore what companies REALLY can do to reduce high employee turnover rates.

Nebb is a company with many smiley faces, but there is a lot more to it than it meets the eye. Headquartered in Asker, Norway with a branch office in Skopje, the company lives at the intersection of creativity and technology.

They strive to solve business problems across the entire end-to-end customer journey, from development and testing to implementation and training. They work on information management systems, Oil & Gas and land-based process industries with a particular focus on control systems, Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) and motors for subsea operations. At the same time, Nebb are experts in supplying solutions and equipment for production and controlling of finishing machines within the Paper Machine (PMC) Industry.

Q1: How do you help talents get on track and fall in love with the idea of working for the company?

Nebb is a diverse company with teams made up of people who defy the odds, think outside the box and are free to speak their minds.
We are constantly looking to hire smart, interesting and forward-thinking people, who are joining in to become part of our Nebb family. In addition to working on cutting edge technologies and being part of a team of passionate experts, you also get flexible working hours, career development opportunities and many other perks.
Then, there are the extras — unique, mostly awesome Waffle Fridays where we bring the taste of Norway right in the heart of Skopje, Birthday Brunches to celebrate the special day of each colleague, and the best coffee in town right in our cozy lounge Nebb café area. We sincerely and joyfully celebrate every special moment and achievement of each and every one of our colleagues in our own unique way.

Q2: What are your team rituals? Do you have a designated Team Building day or morning coffee in the lounge area? Help us get inspired!

We hold annual team buildings out of the city. We usually visit some nice picturesque place in the beautiful mountain regions of Macedonia. These gatherings are all about new knowledge, acquiring new skills and widening of our horizons. We strive towards keeping the team buildings educational, but also fun, relaxing and exciting. In addition, very often we include our significant others in the team building event so they can get acquainted with what we do in a more fun and interactive way. Training sessions combined with some social activities is what we do to follow social convention, but it is a good way to get the best of both worlds.
Other than that, another team ritual is Nebb Friday Forums. These are monthly events where colleagues present some interesting topics about their work or share interests in a given technological field such as new technological advancements or latest trends in different industries.

Q3: Have you tested out flexible working hours? And with that changes in employee behavior? Can you give us some insights on this?

Flexible working hours have always been implemented in our company. This practice proves to be beneficial for both sides. We highly recommend it simply because it allows people to concentrate on their work when they feel they can accomplish the most, be relaxed and complete their work assignments in a more effective way. Working for a company that cares about its people and always strives to achieve a work-life balance so everyone can be happy and feel relaxed has huge benefits.

Q4: We know there isn’t a secret formula that would work for everyone. What should companies do in order to retain the best Tech talent?

As a company, we follow Scandinavian practices in that we promote professionalism, develop education standards and encourage research. We encourage and reward teamwork and inclusiveness, help each other to seek new knowledge, identify and solve problems. Our aim is to let our colleagues know they are appreciated at work and also feel they are an integral part of the company.

We strive to improve team spirit towards friendship as well as include employees in the decision-making process. Building work friendships helps us improve performance by having the accountability to one another and it is no secret that happy employees have a direct impact on the company’s success. Briefly, we are constantly working towards keeping the same level of priority for growing the company as well as each and every individual.

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