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In The Spotlight: Jeffrey Akrofi of Essex Supplements.

For episode 1 we sat down with Kingsley Okyere from Mixtape Madness one of the UK’s largest urban music platforms. This month we sat down with another founder and entrepreneur, Jeffrey Akrofi co-founder of Essex Supplements a sports nutrition and supplement store with a strong online and offline presence. We supported Essex Supplements earlier this year when they wanted to increase their typical stock orders to meet the demand they’d received after opening their new store. Check out what Jeffrey had to say when we put in him in the spotlight…

Lendoe: Hi Jeffrey, tell us a little bit more about your business….

Jeffrey: Essex Supplements is one of the leading sports nutrition/supplements stores in London. We stock a huge range of supplements and are the official distributors for several brands such as BSN, CNP & Muscle Tech. Alongside nutrition we also supply gym equipment but more importantly, we are a customer focused company. We aim to add additional value to our customers through the one to one service we provide them, when they are making a purchase. We do this by offering tips and providing additional knowledge about our products. We are located in Ilford so the majority of our customers are from the BAME community.

Lendoe: Essex Supplements started of as a very small business, tell us about your come up and the challenges you face going from being online to having both an online and physical presence?

Jeffrey: Moving into the store was difficult. Despite having a strong online business, i’d be honest and say, we ran before we could walk but that happens sometimes. Nevertheless our biggest challenge would have to be finding the right staff — one thing I’ve realised since opening our store is that it’s vital to have staff that believe in the company vision and are not just there to make money.

Lendoe: What has been your proudest moment as an entrepreneur so far?

Jeffrey: It would have to be opening the store. Despite all the challenges we faced, the support we received whilst opening the store was amazing. I had family and friends coming down to the store to make sure everything was in place, taking time off of work to cover shifts and helping out with promotion. When you see something that started out just as an idea in your head come to fruition, with the support of close ones, it not only makes you feel proud but also motivates you to make those that supported you proud too.

Make sure you check out Essex Supplements new website here www.essexsupplements.co.uk. P.S. Don’t forget to punch the like and to join our mailing list by clicking here if you’d like to be the first to see the next episode.Thanks!



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