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3 min readDec 1, 2020


We took the time to sit down with our second Abiola Azeez, our second intern who joined us in the build up to launching Lendoe. Abi’s played a key role in supporting us with operations before she left to join Barclays Investment Banks compliance team. Keep reading to find out what her experience with Lendoe was like. Abi did an internship at Lendoe (AH-Partners) in Summer 2017 for 8 months!

Lendoe: So Abi, why did you agree to join Lendoe team?

Abi: I had just finished my law degree at university and I was looking for something new as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. I thought working for Lendoe would be a good opportunity to learn a lot about the finance industry as I never had any experience in this field.

Lendoe: What was it like working #withlendoe — tell me about your experience. (Best part of your role, Skills gained, Your key highlight)

Abi: The whole experience was a highlight. I gained organisational, time management and stakeholder management skills due to the extensiveness and diversity of my role. Though the hours were long, we done a lot of late nights, the family feel of the team made the experience better. That’s one of the key things that I’d say makes Lendoe different.

Lendoe: We are in the process of launching another internship programme — What 3 tips do you have for others like you who want to work for a business like Lendoe?


a. Let go of all expectations / presumptions / constraints especially because it’s a start up business, it will be different from the norm you are used to. Don’t think you can’t do something, you have to be ready, ready to learn as you go.

b. Be ready to learn quickly and independently. Working at a company like Lendoe isn’t like working at an established firm, you don’t have managers who will always be there to support you anytime you need them, however because it’s a startup everyone is busy, everyone has their own daily duties.

c. Don’t be afraid to speak up (if you have a suggestion / idea) it would have an impact on what you do now.

Lendoe: What are you doing now and how did Lendoe help you with your current position?

Abi: I now work in compliance in a Wealth Management and Investment team at Barclays Bank. Working at Lendoe gave me the opportunity to see a different sector in terms of finance. Through this, I realized that I had an interest in Finance, however because I studied law, this still influenced my career decision. In my current role, I still adopt some key techniques and management tools which I used during my time at Lendoe which has proven to be very beneficial (e. g: Trello).

Lendoe: Congrats on your new position. Thanks so much for your time with us and your contribution to the company.

To find out how you could get involved in our internship programme send in your CV to and we’ll revert with the different job specs available for you to apply for.



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