AWS re:Invent Recap — Wernel Vogel’s Keynote

Werner gave another passionate keynote address to a packed crowd here at re:Invent 2018.

I am not going to cover all of the release announcements he made however here are couple of the big hitters:

  • Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka — this is huge! Fully managed and highly available Apache Kafka Service — potentially removing or at least lessening the steep learning curve and operational overhead with running one’s own Kafka.
  • Lambda Runtime API — enables developers to develop Lambda functions in their language of choice (as long as it is a language supported by linux)
  • Lambda Layers — This is exciting as packaging up the libraries for Lambda functions and deploying them can be really painful. Per the documentation:
With layers, you can centrally manage common components across multiple functions enabling better code reuse. To use layers, you simply put your common code in a zip file, and upload it to Lambda as a layer.
  • AWS Toolkits for popular IDES — Generally available for PyCharm with IntelliJ and VisualStudio Code in preview.
  • AWS Well-Architected Tool — The process of requesting a well-architected review by AWS or its partners has now been automated to a great extent. Per the documentation:
The AWS Well-Architected Tool helps you to define your workload, answer questions designed to review the workload against the best practices specified by the five pillars, and to walk away with a plan that will help you to do even better over time. The review process includes educational content that focuses on the most current set of AWS best practices.
  • Application Load Balancer Support for Lambda — Werner hinted that this would be a great mechanism for transferring workloads that might currently be done upon servers to Lambda functions without affecting the end user.
  • AWS Step Functions is no longer just about orchestrating one’s Lambda Functions. Other service integrations which were announced include: AWS Batch, AWS Fargate, AWS Glue, Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon SQS, Amazon DynamoDB and 2 others that the resolution of the photo I am looking at does not let me read.
  • WebSocket Support for API Gateway coming soon.

I likely missed a couple but my colleagues Marat Levit, Charles Sutikno and Woratana Perth will help to fill in the gaps.