Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) announcements from Cloud Next 2018

Dylan Graham
Aug 23, 2018 · 3 min read

There was an almost overwhelming number of announcements at Cloud Next this year, so I want to focus on the technologies I care most about, Kubernetes and GKE!

GKE On-Prem

GKE On-Prem
This is an important evolution of GKE for people who want the flexibility and power of Kubernetes in their own datacentre, but don’t want to invest in whole teams to manage the entire stack. Joe Beda discussed having multiple layers of Ops teams in his talk at KubeCon 2017.

The GKE console will also provide unified management for your clusters across GCP and on-prem, super cool!

GKE On-Prem cluster (moscone)
Service Mesh -

Service Mesh
Service mesh is thrown around in buzz-wordy evangelism these days, but as projects such as Istio mature, the benefits for security, observability, and traffic management are starting to make people take notice. Istio v1.0 was announced, showing the product has reached a point of API stabilisation that will lead to much greater adoption.

A Managed Istio (alpha) product was also announced that will remove even more complexity for GKE users.

Cloud Services Platform family

GKE Serverless add-on
If you already use GKE and want to provide a Serverless platform to your developers, this add-on looks ideal. Google also provided a form for requesting early access.

This could be useful if you want to develop on a Serverless stack that’s more portable than services like Cloud Functions or AWS Lambda. In the future, if many developers adopt a common Serverless framework (like Knative), your Serverless components could be less coupled to a specific vendor.


This one is more for the Serverless platform developers out there. Knative is a suite of building blocks for creating modern, container based, Serverless applications. Google teamed up with Pivotal, IBM, RedHat and SAP to develop this open source framework that was then used to build the GKE Serverless add-on.

Knative helps with three main use cases for Serverless:

  1. Serving
    Deploying and serving Serverless applicaitons and functions.
  2. Build
    On-cluster container builds.
  3. Eventing
    Loosely coupled eventing system compatible with CloudEvents.

Expect more of your favourite Serverless platforms and projects in the ecosystem to announce support for running on top of Knative/Kubernetes in the future, if they haven’t already.

In summary, it was a great conference for Kubernetes, GKE, and Serverless with many exciting projects to discover and dive into!


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