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3 leadership lessons learned from my journey at Sinch

Hi! My name is Carla, I’m 23 years old and I’m part of the tax/finance team at Sinch Latam.

Today in the area I work in I support the company with tax compliance. The management of tax processes, subpoenas, inspections, messages received from government agencies and tax opportunities connect me with one of the company’s values: dream big.

My big dream at Sinch is to have a leadership position. And how does what I do today connect with this value?

Reflecting on the theme of leadership, I find that it comes with examples. Having a good management and organization, proves that we can be leaders in any chair we occupy, because how you do anything is how you do everything.

Managing activities demands a great ability to influence people who are not in your line of control, and this connects with another important skill for successful leadership in my view, which is communication. The way we communicate, influence, and negotiate impacts on how several important activities will be carried out. It also makes us build relationships, and this is what I enjoy most about my job.

The tax area can be a little complex at times and being able to uncomplicate it with communication gives me a great feeling of satisfaction, because I believe that even if there is a super complex tax obligation to deliver, the most interesting thing is to relate and share knowledge with people.

Considering this, I’ve separated three tips taken from an incredible book by Brené Brown, called “Dare to lead”. These tips reflect how to be a good leader regardless of the area you’re in or even if you already formally act as a leader or not. They are:

1 — Accept the difficulty: you cannot grow and contribute fully while wearing armor. The simple act of wearing it already requires a huge amount of energy — sometimes all our energy;

There are situations in the company where we won’t have all the answers, allowing ourselves to ask for help is totally connected with our #WinTogether value.

2 — A courageous leader is someone who says: I see you. I listen to what you say. I don’t have all the answers, but I’ll continue to listen and ask questions;

Even our leader won’t have all the answers but being willing to help us find them is what brings us a sense of belonging.

3 — Trust remains a living process that requires constant attention.

At Sinch we work with trust, this means delegating and following up, it also means believing that tasks will be accomplished, communication will be assertive and that we’ll be transparent.

This book was a recommendation from a mentor and helped me a lot in a phase that I was indirectly leading two people here at Sinch. I learned that it’s necessary to be open to listening, communicate kindly, and build trust.

I also learned here at Sinch that comfort and growth don’t coexist, because if what you’re doing doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. I can conclude that, there is no course on how to lead in practice, but there are daily situations that put us in leadership positions, and how we’ll react and solve those challenges is what will really make the difference.



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