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Being a Sales Development Representative with Sinch customers

by Maria Carolina Burgos

In addition to delivering products, our mission is to develop long-term solutions that improve the way businesses communicate with their customers. Cutting costs and improving service to these businesses are just two of the benefits in what we deliver — we dream big to establish a positive impact on increasingly more people through technology, and the Sales Development Representative (SDR) plays a large role in this mission! This area seeks to understand customer needs and to contribute towards effective and lasting solutions that are aligned with both customer necessities and these businesses’ strategies.

The importance of understanding customer goals

In each project, we seek to serve customers and attempt to identify their needs, along with details regarding their business. We do this because, to us, each project is a separate, unique challenge. Besides, we believe this to be how we deliver truly effective solutions that help us establish lasting relationships, helping businesses communicate with their clients.

Therefore, getting to know client needs, demands, routines and challenges is crucial for us to work on actual problems and different communication channel strategies.

The role of the area in customer experiences and how the company’s culture affects the team’s work

When it comes to SDR, the key word is curiosity. This is because what matters is understanding what customers want and where they wish to go so that we may then work on lasting solutions. This is why focusing on our customer relations is so important — in order to solve the problems that arrive at our doorstep, we need to understand details on the daily lives and challenges of our customers, as well as the public they serve.

These relations are also extremely important because we are never truly alone: in each negotiation, we communicate and get involved with other areas, whether in-house or at our customers’ businesses. Only then may we arrive at the solutions our client truly need.

Speaking of Sinch and its culture, we serve multiple companies from many different areas. From health to education and finances, we must understand the nuances to each segment. Sinch’s history is filled with innovation and customer focus, which led to great ideas and becoming a global leader in customer service.

The most important skills for SDR

In order to achieve success in this area, knowing how to listen and communicate is key in order to fully serve each client’s needs. Communication is also essential for SDR when it comes to establishing connections with other areas, whether inside or

outside the company. Besides, like I said before, it’s important to stay curious, in-the-know, and to figure out trends in order to deliver the best solutions.

This is an example of how we maintain our customer focus, innovation, and teamwork. Our challenges when it comes to SDR involve communicating with multiple stakeholders, but always with the same goal: making people’s lives simpler using technology in conversation channels.

Do you want to find out more about how we use innovation every day to deliver amazing results to people? Read our 5 tips to make it happen at Sinch’s innovation environment.

Maria Carolina is a Colombian, married and mother of a 13-year-old boy named Rafael, and also serves as Sales Development Representative (SDR) Manager Latam at Sinch.



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