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Culture is what creates any organization

Culture is what makes an organization successful. So, when I decided to be a part of Sinch, the values of the organization appealed to me the most — Dream Big, Win Together, Keep it Simple and Make it Happen.

I believe Sinch values help create a robust culture for the employees, its customers, and the partner eco-system, which ultimately resonates with the idea that we, as Sinchers, can work together as a team. Not just thriving in a healthy working environment, but also being accountable and owner of our collective intent.

Being a tech-enthusiast with a beginner’s mind, my core values are Trust, Integrity, Customer Success and most importantly Empathy — being an empathetic leader, is one of my prime focus for organizational development.

On Joining Sinch:

As the Managing Director of Sinch India, I truly believe that Sinch has the potential to create a massive, positive impact on the communication needs for organizations across the globe. Enterprises need to have a strong communication platform that not only engages its employees, driving internal experience and brand integrity but also creates unique customer experiences for their products and solution offerings. I am excited to be part of Sinch and I am looking forward to taking India business on its next profitable growth trajectory. Becoming №1 CPaaS company by FY’25, is our North Star vision.

Based on my experience, working with the some of the world’s best Software & SaaS companies like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce and Adobe, it’s my belief that organizational culture is one of the key pillars for building a sustainable business which is supported by customer-centricity.

Leading by example at Sinch India, I am particular about what values I inculcate across the company, and that all of us are aligned to our mission and vision. Sinch has made significant progress, specially, over the last two years, becoming one of the leading CPaaS organizations globally. And to accelerate our growth in India with a much wider portfolio of solution for customers, I plan to bring global products to India, developing relevant solutions customized as per the Indian market.

Talent retention and attracting top talent from the market is imperative for us as we grow our business, and I will focus on employee engagement as a strategic initiative from the MDs office working with the local and global HR partners. As it is the employees who make organizations successful.

Organizational Culture:

For any organization culture is what creates the company. So, one thing which compelled me to be a part of Sinch was the robust value system of the organization. I felt my core values are well aligned with the Sinch’s core values.

One of the crucial tasks for me is to serve as a cultural brand ambassador for Sinch India, by driving values across, the entire organization in India. It is exactly like building a character, percolating up a bit i.e., perpetuating the organizational culture — to have a very strong communication plan across all departments. And, how each employee exudes the culture and aligns the company values.

Brand Sinch and Hiring:

When I had my induction session, it was amazing to learn the journey for Sinch that started as CLX in 2008. When I came to know the fun fact behind the CLX name, it was quite memorable. The word CLX is 160 in Roman numerals, which is the limit of text in SMS worldwide. This was an ingenious & innovative way to name the company and demonstrate its essence. Since the time the first SMS was sent in 1992, the total characters limit remains 160, hence quite memorable!

So, in some ways like the SMS, Sinch is representative of longevity and the fast growth it has experienced over the years — imagine the impact of that!

Brand Sinch is comprised of the employees and potential future candidates. So, I have always believed that the market is candidate-driven, and each person that we hire will be brought in based on meritocracy. It does not matter what background, location, or any other aspect that the candidate may have, the opportunity will be for the candidate best suited for the role. This is what I followed for many years, and it is something that has helped me as well — it may help you too.

Interested to learn more about Sinch and perhaps become a part of our team? Check out our Careers page!



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