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Motherhood and work: how we combine it at Sinch

At Sinch, we believe in, and work towards, an inclusive culture where everyone feels like they belong. Sinchers should feel comfortable sharing their personal side. Having an inclusive culture means several things, and today we want to highlight motherhood. Combining motherhood with work is not given in all parts of the world.

I am CHRO at Sinch, and to me, as a mother of three, my family will always be by number one priority. Attending my sons fotball games, taking my little one to her dance classes and being present in the moment to engage with my teenage daugthers thoughts about life, is more important than anything to me. I am very grateful that at Sinch, I can combine both my passion for work with my family life. I do believe it actually makes me an even stronger leader.

Christina and her daughter

But it’s not always easy, and I am glad that at Sinch we are working towards making this a priority. It should be given for all people, women and men, to feel empowered and be able to combine all aspects of life.

Mother’s Day is a great day to both celebrate amazing moms around us, and also to raise awareness of what it is like to combine motherhood and work. At Sinch, we are present in 60+ countries, we asked a few of my fellow Sinch colleagues on their view of being a working mother:

“Being a mom is the best feeling in the world. The possibility of balancing it with having an awesome job, that provides flexibility too, is a dream — but Sinch makes it happen. Sinch offers flexible working models, that enables you to achieve both your work and motherhood goals. Being a mom helps you practice patience, increase your efficiency and nurturing qualities to your job. To all the moms out there: motherhood is not an end to your careers. There are great companies like Sinch, that help you achieve the best of both. Wish you all a happy Mother’s Day.” — Shenal Saluja

Shenal Saluja, Human Resources General Manager located in India

“Here I have the space to be myself as a person, as a professional and as a mom married with another mom. Sometimes my son appears in internal meetings, and he is always very welcome by other team members, which already gave him a special nickname: BenjaBee — since his name is Benjamin and our Sinch logo is a bumblebee. It lightens up my day to have the flexibility to work from home and spend time with him, even if it’s for a short coffee break or lunch time.

Being a mom helped develop new skills, such as focusing on what is essential, managing a tight agenda and prioritizing better than ever. Maybe, the largest impact was a push to focus on creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace to welcome a future young professional with open arms.” — Laura Melaragno

Laura Melaragno, Presales and Sales Enablement Manager located in Brazil, and her family

Empowering motherhood in our teams is something we really care about, and we are lucky enough to have great people thinking the same way. I also talked to Juliana Teles, Director of Service Implementation, about how she does it in her team:

“I want to make sure moms are welcome to my team. Many mothers put their careers aside to take care of their children and suffer from a lack of curriculum when returning to the market. As a hiring manager I see this as experience too as all these years they worked but in a different position!

At Sinch we have a good view of work-life balance and I make sure moms are aware that we offer great benefits like medical insurance and parental leave, depending on location, for example. We understand that working from home can sometimes be chaotic and we’ll have kids around, playing, asking questions, watching TV, and that’s okay. I assure my team knows they will not be asked to work late or to compromise their family life.

For me it is essential to have equality in the work environment. Mothers are so capable and deserve the same opportunities as everyone else. I’d venture to say that when it comes to resources, moms are always proving that their management skills are impressive. They do home economics, time management, scheduling, and so many other things I can’t even count. And they do well. We need to show the world that women are part of society and the corporate world. Mothers are an expressive portion of the population. They should be praised and not overlooked.” — Juliana Teles

Juliana Teles, Service Implementation Director located in Sweden

On Sunday it’s Mothers Day in many parts of the world. Let’s take the chance to celebrate amazing moms and raise awareness of how it is to combine motherhood and work.



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