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My routine as a Full Stack Developer at Sinch

I’m Robert Kaminski, and I work at Sinch as a Full Stack Developer in the Entreprise & Messaging BU. I consider myself to have always been a technical person — even as a child, I would like to do technical repair on bicycles and stuff like that. So, when it was time to go to the University, it was natural for me to select Technical University.

At first, I studied Electrical Engineering and there we had Programming as one of the first courses. I found it to be so fun that I switched courses and started studying Computer Science. I graduated in 2007 and then after some time I got a job offer in a company that later was acquired by Sinch.

There, we worked with Software Solutions for Operators. We had a software that would manage SMS traffic, and an online charging system (OCS) responsible to keeping track of subscriber balance and cut off the service when the balance got below the limit. It’d send different notifications to other systems and notify subscribers about different events, for example.

Technically throughout the years my work routine hasn’t changed much, but when it comes to the daily routine you can see the differences. When I first joined in 2007, we were a small company and limited when it came to investing in development and proactively taking multiple steps at one time. Now, we find ourselves on a more structured and more professional company, where we get to proactively select which features we need to focus on.

From the beginning I have worked with the same team, even with some of the same colleagues from back then. In my opinion, there are some points that retains the employees to stay for so long. For me, the freedom of deciding how to do my work and the possibility to choose technical focus areas give me the possibility to learn about things I’m interested in and focus on them.

Naturally, some things are standardized such as using Oracle database in the bottom and then developing on Java. On top of that we develop according to Diameter, SS7, and the new 5G standards. However, often when you get a customer problem to solve there is the possibility to decide yourself how to do it on the solution space. And on the general level, I solve problems daily.

When you work with subscribers’ account that need to be updated in real time, you’re constantly being challenged to be able to enforce immediate limits. For example, if a customer is allowed to use only 1 GB, they can’t exceed it and that is the challenge on a high level. You can also react on events in the network or in the subscriber behavior.

To fulfill the real-time constraints, one can’t always rely on reading from the database. So, a technique that we use quite heavily is caching data in memory. Our user interface is mostly used by the mobile operator to configure the system (e.g., rateplans and other offerings). So, when a feature is implemented for example, we fix the user interface, apply these features, and change or add behavior that handles traffic.

We are responsible that an added feature fits in to the system and that it works well for the user. We test if the system is working correctly and if the customer experience is being good or not, because the Developer has to ensure that the changes made are working. As a Developer, this is a great example of the broader responsibility we have.

Working with a product having an installed base adds another dimension of challenges. One of them is ensuring that when adding or changing functionality you’re not affecting existing customers. For example, if one customer buys certain features it can’t influence the existing customers that haven’t purchased these features.

This is a glimpse of what I do daily at Sinch. Here, I have broad responsibilities including user interface, database, and performance requirements while being responsible for the design of the software and testing it. I get to face new techniques, technologies, new ways of working, new standards, and new software libraries so we can deliver great things to our clients. Finally, I’m glad to say this is a multicultural environment where I have the opportunity to grow on the job every day, alongside skillful coworkers that inspire you to learn more.

Interested to learn more about Sinch and perhaps become a part of our team? Check out our Careers page!



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