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Hi, I’m Kristie Healy, and I’m Senior Vice President of People and Culture for the now SaaS business unit at Sinch.

In this role, I lead HR functions across APAC, the United States, and EMEA. As a key member of the leadership team, my expertise lies in building and overseeing the execution of the people strategies ensuring the delivery of the end-to-end employee experience, building strong organizational cultures whilst guiding geographically dispersed teams with empowerment and accountability at the forefront to deliver business outcomes. With a focus on organizational excellence and employee experience, I’m dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive workplace culture that fuels our SaaS unit’s success. My journey with Sinch began with the acquisition of MessageMedia Group in late 2021, and I am so pleased to be part of our growing company.

As I reflect on the journey of integrating organizational values into our global company, after the acquisition, I’m reminded of the complexities and triumphs that accompanied this transformative process. With a keen focus on alignment and unity, we embarked on a mission to weave our diverse cultures into a cohesive tapestry. In this article, I will share my firsthand experience of this process, shedding light on the learnings, challenges, and significant outcomes that have emerged along the way.

When we initially transitioned to the Sinch values, we were confronted with the task of merging two distinct sets of values from different entities — Message Media Group and Simple Texting with Sinch. The initial step was acknowledging the significance of past values and behaviors. Many individuals from acquired businesses had contributed to shaping these values, making them an integral part of their organizational DNA. We recognized the importance of celebrating the work done previously, while also embracing the journey towards harmonizing with Sinch’s new values: Dream Big, Win Together, Keep it Simple, and Make it Happen.

One of the foremost learnings was the realization that this integration journey takes time. A mere few sessions were not enough to truly embed these values into our company’s fabric. We understood that consistent effort was required to ensure that these values became second nature to us. In the context of HR and leadership, this effort was paramount, especially considering the complexity of our global organization.

Addressing the challenges of aligning different corporate cultures demanded a nuanced approach. Our HR team understood that individuals were at various stages of the change curve. Some employees were eager to embrace the new values, while others clung to their existing values tightly. Patience, acknowledgement of their journey, and listening to feedback were essential as we worked to foster a connection with the new values over time.

A pivotal moment in our journey was recognizing the emergence of a common language and the dismantling of silos. By integrating the values into our daily conversations and recognizing exemplary behavior, we were able to witness teams breaking down barriers and working cohesively towards shared goals. This cultural shift wasn’t quantifiable by key metrics alone; it was manifested in how we interacted and collaborated.

During this transformative journey, we meticulously navigated through two distinct phases:

  • First phase: spearheaded by our leaders, involved the introduction of our core values. Following this, we orchestrated a session dedicated to the art of storytelling. This innovative step aimed to equip our leaders with the tools to not only exemplify the values themselves but also effectively communicate and instill them within their teams.
  • Second phase: we conducted sessions for our employees and engaged in team workshops, fostering a comprehensive understanding of our values. Throughout this process, we seized the opportunity for meaningful conversations, enabling us to infuse the values’ language across all levels of the organization. This approach proved instrumental in seamlessly transitioning our global business unit to embrace and embody the essence of the Sinch values.

Leadership played a pivotal role in this transformation. They were the torchbearers, embodying the values and behaviors they wished to see throughout the organization. Their storytelling became a powerful tool to drive home the importance of these values. It wasn’t just about having them on paper; it was about breathing life into them through anecdotes that resonated with employees.

To ensure the continuity of this cultural evolution, leaders integrated the values into performance conversations, recognized employees aligned with these values, and fostered a sense of belonging through peer-to-peer recognition initiatives. It is a continuous effort to embed values and ensure they are brought to life every day.

As we look back, it’s clear that integrating values was not a solitary undertaking; it was a collective journey of growth. Change was indeed challenging, but it was through change that we paved the way for future success. By speaking the same language and setting a strong foundation, we enabled our teams to collaborate seamlessly, fostering unity and enabling us to strive towards ambitious goals.

On reflection, the integration of values into a global organization like ours is a story of unity, understanding, and shared purpose. As we navigate the complexities of cultures merging and evolving, we find ourselves on the brink of something extraordinary. This journey is a testament to the power of values, of shared narratives, and of our unyielding dedication to becoming a truly successful and harmonious global entity. The road ahead is exciting, filled with potential and promise, as we continue to rise together as one Sinch.

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