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Why is it important to have a customer-focused candidate journey?

Written by Blenda Nascimento — Talent Aquisition Assistant

The starting point for building a reference brand when it comes to people’s experience within the selection process is to take care of each one of them as if they were the only one (because they really are). Seeking to understand the particularity of each person, understanding that they are disposed in different professional and personal circumstances, brings the company closer to its audience and, most importantly, humanizes their relationships, making both of them see the impact that one has on the other.

When dealing with customers, the public that is impacted by the companies’ Human Resources team is hardly placed in first place. The definition of who customers are, reinforces this thought that, almost always, we can define them as someone who will purchase a certain product or service, without realizing that the recruitment and selection process itself is a service. This followed by various products that are sold with it, such as the employer’s brand reputation for example.

When we place our target audience at the center of our decisions, we start to execute more focused plans. Moving from being a reactive HR to being more strategic, basing actions on the data that are provided by contacting the candidates themselves, from the beginning of the selection process until the moment he or she becomes an employee.

The most quoted phrase in The Little Prince says: “You become eternally responsible for what you captivate”, and I complement: for what you don’t captivate either.

We don’t “have” customers, we captivate and cultivate customers and when thinking is different, we lose those we already attract and we fail to bring new people, a fact that directly impacts the conversion of candidates and the time that is dedicated to hire someone. Perhaps the oldest marketing strategy that exists is the spontaneous recommendation of something, which arises only because the service or product is well delivered.

Of course, not everyone has the same perspectives, even if it’s about the same thing. Sometimes the content that pleased one person is not well received by another, but it is necessary to observe whether this issue, which may seem punctual, is not an opportunity for improvement in the future.

The customer is always right? No, nobody is. But we must think: what is the reason (in the sense of purpose) that we give the customer? Understanding what you do, why you do it and what impact it will have, transforms the figure of error. People who are looking for a new opportunity or entering the job market do so because they need to, everyone has once been in this position. Having an empathetic look at this does not make your HR error-free, but shows that it understands, seeks improvements and shows respect.

With more people expressing interest in participating in your selection process, the culture will be more seen and understood externally, thus attracting different talents that can be part of your team.

Process automation within the Recruitment and Selection department is still viewed with ambiguity. The “human” side of the area is put on the agenda when new technologies that support this process emerge. But, if we think about it, when we used a bot for candidacy, for example, someone had to program it, someone else defined the persona, which was defined along with someone else from HR who defined the best language to communicate. What’s more, all of these people have already been candidates and are providing a different experience than they ever had.

When I participated in the Nerd Aprendiz selection process, I learned that there were more than 500 applications across the country. Can you imagine sorting all this out, meticulously, paying attention so that both the requirements of the vacancy and the care not to create stereotypes about the candidate(s) are met? With the experience in this role that I have today, I say: it would not take less than 2 days.

Joining technology to the incredible and so particular human capacity to be able to reason logically to help other people is perhaps the most effective way to impact those around us.



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