A Technical Exploration of the New Hyperledger Fabric Version 1.0

In this webinar with guest speaker Thomas Marckx, we will explore the new architecture of Hyperledger Fabric V1.0, how it’s different from V0.6, and what it means for the future of private blockchains.

We will get an in-depth overview of Fabric, one of the open source blockchain projects under the Hyperledger umbrella. In particular, we will explore the oncoming v1.0, its first commercial-grade release.

We will learn the best practices for developing blockchain applications using Fabric 1.0, see how to get started and write a smart contract in Golang.


  • A quick introduction to the Hyperledger Project and Hyperledger Fabric
  • Architecture of Fabric v0.6
  • Dive into Fabric v1.0 — going through the changes in the architecture
  • How the performance and scalability will increase with v1.0
  • The new database capability
  • The ability to choose a single peer (or peers) to validate transactions in a network
  • Users’ ability to create sub-channels
  • What it means for the future of private blockchain
  • Implications for industry and enterprise
  • Hands-on session — how to get started with Fabric v1.0
  • Lessons learned and Q&A.

This is the second webinar with Thomas Marckx. The previous session was a deep dive into Fabric v0.6, privacy and consensus mechanisms, and the plans for new architecture. To get prepared, you might want to watch the replay of the first webinar, or read a blog post.

Orginally posted on https://www.altoros.com/blog/event/a-technical-exploration-of-the-new-hyperledger-fabric-version-1-0/

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