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… and you thought Blockchain would be so 2016 already. We’re starting 2017, without a vengeance — no need for violence — with a couple of webinars. In English, globally available. More will follow, so bookmark this page; or not, don’t let us tell you what to do…

Understanding the Blockchain and its potential!

Who has already seen some introductions to Blockchain technology? Who understands it definitely? Don’t worry it’s not your fault! Either they’re too technical for non-engineers to grasp or it’s an avalanche of buzz-words brought to you by ‘another business-guy’.

We will start from scratch to explain what Blockchain is without going about to technical. We’ll pull you in starting from an economical point-of-view and spend enough time on some live use-cases.

Join us on January 26th, 03:00 PM CET

Hyperledger Fabric — let’s talk technics!

Probably you’ve heard of the Hyperledger project, which is hosted by the Linux Foundation ( It consist of — currently — 4 blockchain technologies. The most developed one of these is Fabric, based on IBM code, which they open sourced.

There’s a lot of technical information on Hyperledger Fabric you can find online; but not everything — far from — is correct. We’ll present an in depth exploration on the different parts that makes Fabric special. We’ll explain how the consensus mechanisms work and what’s so special/unique about these types of “Permissioned Enterprise” Blockchain technology.

Join us on January 30th, 04:00 PM CET

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