Who is TheLedger and what do we do besides writing blogs and doing hackathons

and writing blogs about doing hackathons.

😲 Who are we

We’re a blockchain consultancy start-up from Belgium (& The Netherlands). We’re currently 9 large with 8 people located in Belgium and 1 in The Netherlands.

We are part of a larger group called Cronos Groep. It is a network/ecosystem of businesses. It’s a framework which helps entrepreneurs to build out their business. They provide services like fleet and HR so start-ups like us only have to focus on their core business. Cronos Groep has holdings in more than 370 companies in various sectors and is actively involved in the start-up of some 20 companies per year.

Within this group, we belong to a smaller group called IBIZZ. IBIZZ stands for IBM, Open source and Innovation. This is where our love for Open source innovative technology comes from. We’re agnostic, but this is why we also have some IBM in our veins.

💪 What we do

We’re consultants at our core. We provide our blockchain expertise to other companies. This expertise goes from Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, BigchainDB, Stellar to Hyperledger Sawtooth, IOTA,… from analysis to development. There are so many cool distributed ledger technologies out there, this is why we try to spread our knowledge an try to be technology agnostic. Besides regular consultancy, we also felt the need to provide help creating and auditing Token sales.

We also give blockchain awareness sessions and workshops to help the companies we work for to further grasp the potential of blockchain in their business.

🎒 What we’ve done

You can always find an updated list on our website https://theledger.be/projects. But we’ll include some links here as well.


Hack for Diamonds 2018 — Winners blockchain challenge

Blockchaingers hackathon 2018 — Winning the “Digital nations infrastructure” track

Some of our projects

Please get in touch if you’re looking for a technology partner yourself.

Greencards — B-Hive

By placing insurance (green) cards on the blockchain we are able to digitally give access in a controlled manner while speeding up the manual process of requesting access.

Competencies on the blockchain — GO & VDAB

Providing a Bring-Your-Own-Standard platform to map competencies in different standards from different companies. This to ultimately help people without the correct diploma’s to get their job using achieved competencies.

KYC on the blockchain — B-Hive

Providing a universal platform to validate KYC identities.

Smart contract audit — Inwage

Ethereum token sale contract audit.

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