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Apr 11, 2018 · 3 min read

The Emojis made a revolution on the way we communicate. They are used by more than 90% of users in the internet, and the popularity of them shows no signs of slowing down. So, it makes sense for marketers to speak the same language as their audience. Always consider your public to use the Emojis, to avoid they get lost on translation. Check the meaning, then consider if it’s relevant.

And there is something you should always remember; Humans are visual creatures and our brains easily understand images, so using Emojis will get their attention to your post.

So you may be asking yourself, if it’s okay to use them in a professional capacity. And the answer is, yes! By the way, we will tell you how to use it on your digital strategy:

1. To Stand Out 😃

People pay attention to images more than words.

2. To Be Concise 😊

Who needs extra words when the images say it all?

3. To Market the Millennials 😸

They’re the future, so learn how to talk to them.

4. To Mobilize Supporters 😍

Use emojis to create emocional conversations with your audience.

5. To Tell Stories 📚

They will make it funnier and easier to read.

6. To Elicit Joyful Emotion ✌️

It’s your chance to personalize the posts.

Want more proof that emojis are incredibly important to your digital strategy? Take the reactions on facebook posts. Simply “like” a post wasn’t helping nobody to discover what audience thought about all that content. Now people can say in a specific way how they really feel about it choosing the one of the reactions; like, love, wow, haha, sad and angry. By the way, 6 Billion emojis and stickers are sent a day on facebook, just keep this in mind.

No, Facebook is not the only social network you can use Emojis, they are everywhere, including twitter. And we can tell you that using them on tweets will improve your engagement there. See How many times emojis are being used on Twitter in real time here.

Yes, you can use it on Instagram too! actually, you should! Half of posts there are using Emojis, so here is time to remember to talk to them like they talk to each other. This way, your audience will feel much more connected with your content. An Instagram post with an Emoji doesn’t mean it will get love, but, this creative action to tell a story using emoji or combining words and emojis; that earns Followers’ respect and engagement.

So now it’s time to recognize their power and make marketing fun, visual, and inclusive on your digital platforms, and use the emotional power on your strategy content. Woop has emojis avaible for you to include on your posts easily to schedule content on Facebook and Instagram in all formats, Twitter and Linkedin.

Use Woop for free to boost your social channels.


Social media management platform: The smarter choice for amazing marketers

Woop Social

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Social media management platform: The smarter choice for amazing marketers

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