Winter wonderland in Watford — January 24th

Snowflakes fluttering in the wind and the soft crunching sound as you walk across the snow. Ohh how I missed you!

What is it about snow that makes it so mesmerising, reminiscing about when you were a young child, watching the snowflakes fall for hours putting you in a trance.

The snow came thick and fast floating and dancing as they slowly hit the surface with a soft thud. The air is full of thousands of flakes hitting each other creating a distinct sound…




The weather is one of the most talked-about subjects, but what is it. We will help explain the terms and show you what's happening weather-wise around the world.

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Andrew Lalchan

Andrew Lalchan

Run a Digital Design Agency for the last 25 years / 16 years professional photographer. Write about Weather, Space, Web Design, Fashion, Music & Photography.

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