RadarScope: How to Purchase Tier 2 and Register on Multiple Devices

With RadarScope 3.4 Tier 2 comes the ability to sign up on multiple devices. Here is how to purchase and then register your account so that you can use all the features offered in Tier 2.

Purchasing Tier 2

If you are interested in buying RadarScope’s new Tier 2 level, first click on your settings icon and then select “Pro”. You are given the choice to get a monthly or yearly subscription. Once you purchase Tier 2, you will be given the chance to create an account.

In order to use the new features on other platforms, you don’t want to skip this step. Enter your email address and confirm a password.

You will then receive a message confirming your email address that includes a confirmation code. Confirm your account and then you are set. You will now be automatically logged in on the device on which you purchased Tier 2.

Registering on Other Platforms

Once registered, you can sign up on up to five devices from iOS to macOS to Android.

To register on another device, be it Android or iOS, go to “Settings” and click on “RadarScope” under the “Accounts” section. Then simply enter your email and the password you created.

To sign in on your Mac, click on “Preferences” and this window will pop up. Make sure to select the RadarScope button so you can sign in using the same email/password combination.

If you have additional questions about purchasing or registering an account, contact support@wdtinc.com and they will assist you.

Originally published at blog.wdtinc.com.

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