Michelle Chan
Jul 23, 2017 · 5 min read

Weava is a Chrome extension that allows you to highlight PDFs and websites with any colour you’d like. Weava is a workspace for your research and studies, offering tools that help you highlight, organize, annotate, and manage research.

Download Weava and sign up for an account. www.weavatools.com

1. Highlight

1a. Highlight Websites:

Drag your mouse across paragraph that you would like to highlight, then pick the color you want on the highlighter popup.

Click on the Weava icon on your chrome browser to refer to what you’ve already highlighted.

1b. Highlight online PDFs

When you are on an online PDF, press the blue “Highlight” Button on the top right corner of the toolbar.

~If you cannot find the blue highlight button, try to move your mouse to the top of the PDF viewer and it will show up again~

1c. Highlight local PDFs saved in your computer

To highlight local PDFs saved in your computer, you will have to change the Chrome extension settings.

Right click the chrome extension icon and click manage extensions

Then check the checkbox “Allow file access to local URLs”

Then, right click your pdf file and select “Open with Chrome”.

-Select text and highlight away.

1d. Automatically Open PDFs with Weava

Set your default Chrome PDF browser to Weava by going to settings from the sidebar of our extension and selecting “Automatically load PDFs from Weava”.

2. Annotate Highlights

Click on the highlight and add notes.

3. Create a collection

Click on the Weava icon on the right side of your chrome browser and the Weava side bar will pop up.

Click the menu button to show your list of collections. Add a collection title of your choosing.

Edit the collection to add tags so that you can associate different highlight colours with different categories.

4. Clipping images

Drag images on any website and a small box will appear on the left side of the Chrome screen saying “Drop here!”. Drop the image in the box and it will save in the default folder.

4. Turning Weava highlighter OFF

Click on the blue toggle button on the bottom right hand corner of the sidebar to disable / enable the Weava highlighter.


Click the cross button the bottom right corner of the Weava highlighter popup.

5. Delete/copy highlights & add notes

Hover your mouse over the highlight and you will see the add note button, the copy button, and the delete button.

Another method to delete a highlight is to simply click on your highlight and click the cross button on the colour you selected

6. Web Dashboard

With sufficient highlights it’s time to head to the web dashboard to organize further.

Click the home button on the Chrome extension sidebar to head to the web dashboard, or simply go to https://www.weavatools.com/dashboard

Once you’re in your dashboard, drag your highlights into your document.

Integrate your highlights into your work.

Review and Highlight more

Click on a highlight on your dashboard and the original website or PDF will show up in your Weava workspace.

Review your highlights or highlight other parts of the article.

7. Create Citations

To cite the sources used, click on the cite button and fill in the required information. Then click copy.

8. Export

Finally export your work into Microsoft Word, Excel, .csv, or .txt by clicking the export button on your dashboard.

For further help refer to this video tutorial below:

And for advanced features:

If you run into any issues or have any suggestions for us, do not hesitate to contact us and voice your concerns at support@weavatools.com.

Weava offers a new way of research, organisation, collaboration and thinking. Enjoy maximising your productivity!

Click here to download the extension.


Tool to streamline your research & writing

Michelle Chan

Written by

Founder of Weavatools (www.weavatools.com), Self-taught designer, www.michellelychan.com



Tool to streamline your research & writing

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