Weave @ STHLM

A sneak peek into our first weeks at Stockholm

This might come as a surprise to you in case you missed our previous visit to our western neighbour a couple of months ago. Well, after careful consideration between ourselves and our buddies at Affecto’s other offices, we sent two brave Weave pioneers to set up shop in the Swedish crown jewel of Stockholm. Read on to see what we’ve done during the first few weeks, and what they’ve have had to offer to our guys in Sweden!

First of all, let’s address the most obvious question first: why Sweden? Ever since our inception last October we’ve had a burning passion to expand our business abroad. We wanted to get our business up and running as fast as possible, so looking for opportunities in countries and cities with Affecto offices in them made the most sense. With our friends at Bigdatapump already making the leap across the pond a couple of months back, it seemed inevitable that we too were meant to make that journey. As is the case in Finland at the moment, the combined knowhow of our developers, designers and Affecto PowerGrid’s experts enables us to offer top quality services to our clients, which are a-plenty in Sweden.

After getting acquainted with our friends at the Affecto Sweden office, we set off meeting the local prospects. We’ve had many interesting discussion and cases so far, but as a new, and especially foreign, player in the field, the hunt for our first big case will no doubt be a tough one. Nevertheless, these are exciting times at Stockholm with many Finnish software companies already having an office here in addition to the kickass local talent. We’re excited for what the future brings!

The interior decor at Hilma, pretty cool stuff!

But enough about software: moving to our western neighbour means the chance to explore all the cool places and stuff Stockholm has to offer. Just like in Finland, there’s plenty of chances to enjoy outdoors and nature in general, even in the middle of the city. By far the best place has been the Observatorielunden park with its peace and quiet, but also some awesome views of the rest of Stockholm. It wasn’t long before we delved deep into the many restaurants and bars surrounding our office in downtown Stockholm. There’s seriously a lot of places to choose from, but so far our favourite food joint is Hilma Stockholm with their tapas-style meals and Monk’s American Bar for all you beer enthusiasts out there, while Duvel Café deserves a special mention for their cocktail selection.

We’re only getting started in Stockholm, though, so expect a more refined list of places to visit and things to do in the future!

A glimpse at Monk’s offerings, and why it’s one of our favourites.

New to Weave, who we are and / or what we do? Read more on what we’re like both as a company and as people. We’re growing at a steady rate in Finland, and we’re looking to do the same in Sweden as well: if you’re a developer or a designer and looking for a chance to leave your mark on our culture and create digital wonders that work, feel free to drop us a line and let’s have a chat, we’re eager to get acquainted with the local designer and developer talent in Stockholm!