What happens when developers design a workplace?

Just before the summer, we sat down and imagined a place where we’d really want to work.

Don’t get us wrong, we loved it where we were, at Affecto. We had it all really — flexible hours, working from our bed when we wanted to, fantastic people and a company culture that encouraged us to think for ourselves.

What we still kind of dreamed of, though, was the buzz and the agility of a start-up, never knowing what’s round the corner and being able to change everything round on a whim. Yet there was no way we’d have ever left to work for one… we all know what happens to 90% of start-ups. So what did we do?

Well, we created Weave. Today is the official launch date of the new, independent and agile business unit that we came up with in a developers’ meeting around six months ago. Knowing Affecto management, it’s no surprise they loved the idea, or that such an exciting venture got the whole company’s full backing. They gave us, service designers and developers, free reign to design our ideal workplace.

The prototype of a perfect environment

So what’s Weave? It’s a brand new, Affecto-owned service design unit that develops bespoke software solutions. You might be excused to think that in our developers’ heaven we’d only want to use our most cherished coding languages until sunrise, but you’d be wrong.

Ville, Marko and Fosu finalizing weave.fi

At Weave, our work isn’t about favourite toys but about doing what our customers want and need, and doing it in style. It’s about working across teams and companies (whether they’re competitors or not), trashing hierarchies and pushing for the same goals. It’s about a lack of secrets, simply because it’s never about us and them, it’s about the beautiful results.

Standing on big shoulders

So, Weave is agile, fresh and unique. Thanks to Affecto, even though we’re still kitted out in our baby gear, we’re standing on big shoulders. We’ll never have to back off if a project’s too big or if it’s spread across too many places. Nothing’s too much for us, because we have a thousand people at Affecto waiting to jump in and help out. We’re starting out in Finland, but we’re going to take on the world.

We’re already working on some of Finland’s most challenging software projects, like Yle Areena. The future’s unknown, but we have high hopes. We’ve never been this excited, and never loved work this much. In fact, we really recommend you to design your own workplace, too — and if that’s not an option, come and work with us. Whether that’s as a customer, a designer or a coder, we’re waiting for you with our arms wide open! Whatever you do, at least stay tuned to see how where this revolutionary rollercoaster ride takes us.

Br, Marko Loukkola & Ville Yli-Knuutila

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