Introducing WeaveDB Fellows

Ahmad Mardeni
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3 min readMay 18


We are excited to announce the launch of WeaveDB Fellows, a collaborative opportunity in partnership with Arweave, Fleek, Lens protocol, Intmax, Lit protocol, and Mask Network for developers to showcase their skills and potentially contribute to the advancement of decentralized database technology.

The question of whether an application can be considered truly decentralized if it uses a centralized database is a critical one. This is where WeaveDB comes in as the essential component of Web3, offering a decentralized, scalable, and reliable database solution.


  • WeaveDB Fellows is a 6-week online hackathon starting on the 9th of June.
  • Ideal candidates are developers with a track record, a deep understanding of the blockchain space, and prior experience using NoSQL databases.
  • Participants will be eligible to receive rewards from a prize pool of $22,000 in USDC.
  • Several VCs including Arweave, IOSG, Hansa, Mask, and others have joined the program to scout for promising ideas that may emerge during the hackathon to potentially fund.
  • The registration form can be found here.

Program Overview

The WeaveDB Fellowship program is a 6-week hackathon that aims to encourage developers with prior experience in building to create innovative decentralized solutions using WeaveDB.

Participants will receive support in both technical and design aspects throughout the program.

Eligibility Requirements

The program is open to developers who possess a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology and have prior experience using NoSQL databases.

They also must have a track record of successfully shipping at least two dapps.

Interested developers are required to submit their ideas and obtain approval before joining the program. Few ideas as examples would be:

  • A Decentralized publishing platform like Medium or Substack
  • A DEX with an on-WeaveDB orderbook
  • Decentralized science (DeSci) like a platform that allows individuals to monetize personal health data for purchase by researchers

Be innovative fren, the sky is your limit!


All participants are expected to develop a fully functional dapp within the six-week hackathon period.

The rewards for the top five dapps are as follows:

  • First place: $4000
  • Second place: $2500
  • Third place: $2500
  • Fourth place: $1500
  • Fifth place: $1500

In addition to the above, we have partnered with some protocols and bonuses will be awarded for:


We have partnered with some of the most reputable figures in web3 to be the judges of this program, ensuring transparency and fairness in the judging process:

How to apply?

You can find the registration form here.

This edition starts on the 9th of June — 2023 and will only have a limited 15–20 slots open so make sure to apply as soon as possible.

Developers have to form a team of 2–5 members, which will count as a single slot.

Additional Notes

  • All ideas must use WeaveDB as a database solution to be eligible for the prizes.
  • DeveloperDAO members are prioritized in the registration form.
  • Any dapp built with WeaveDB and Lit protocol will be eligible to win an additional $20,000 each. Read more here.

About WeaveDB

While web3 dapps may use decentralized technologies like blockchain to facilitate trust and transparency, they may still rely on centralized components like databases for storing data. This can lead to a certain level of centralization, as these components are often controlled by a single entity or organization.

WeaveDB is addressing this issue by offering a high-performance, scalable, decentralized, and reliable database solution.