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Fireside Chat with EU Networks

We’re excited to announce our #FiresideChat series where we will be inviting Ashley & Andrew to talk all things Telco, Fibre and digital infrastructure!

This event was live streamed on YouTube on Friday 30th July at 1200BST.

About EU Networks

euNetworks is a Western European provider of bandwidth infrastructure services. They focus on delivering scalable, fibre based products and solutions to a customer base that is at the centre of technology transformation.

Their customers require fibre based data centre to data centre connectivity, both within the key cities in Europe and between these cities, supporting both their bandwidth growth and the performance requirements that their applications demand. Their customers’ needs shape how we develop our network further.

They own and operate 17 dense fibre based metropolitan city networks. These are connected with an intercity backbone covering 51 cities in 15 countries.

EU Network Special Guests

What topics we will cover in the discussion

The event was streamed Live on Youtube via Crowdcast; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxV_OzETKvo

Sign up to the event via Linkedin, Crowdcast, or find the Youtube Live Stream Linked on Twitter or Linkedin.



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