My nephew loves them too, but not as much as me…

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My best friend and I, aka, my almost 2 years old nephew, love to listen to music together. We (I) particularly love the songs from Story Bots. Story Bots is an educational children’s show on Netflix, which is also fun and inclusive. But
the songs….the music, man! Wow. I am not kidding you, I love them.
I will share with you some playlists about their songs on dinosaurs, planets, animals, and the human body. Then you can be like me and pretend you are putting time on for the children, while in reality, you know all the lyrics by heart.

1 Dinosaurs:

From a stressed student.

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I will tell you a secret: I really should be studying right now. And I mean, right now.

But, I am tired, stressed about being stressed about how much I have to do…and needed to remind myself what steps I can take when I am feeling this way.

Ok then, here they come:

1 Take a break

Which, even though I am writing, it’s a bit what I am doing right now.

We need to recharge. …

It’s hard for the arts.

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The International Museum Day is an often forgotten marvel in the art historical world. The brain child of the International Council of Museums some 40 years ago, each year on the 18th of May (give or take), museums are invited to participate in the year’s thematic objective.

Centred around promoting and generating awareness of the arts, history, and culture housed inside a museum, alongside the promotion of the role of museums to audiences, this year’s (2021) focal point revolves around The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine, an especially necessary concern given the harsh reality of a pandemic-ridden period.

A sharp mind is the elixir of youth. 6 Steps for keeping a yound mind and a young body!

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Disclaimer: This posts is not intended as medical advice. It includes information from my own research, as well as my own opinions. Always do your own research, or talk to an health professional before making any decision about your health and well-being.

Maybe I am still young, and what is chronological age anyway? But, my mom always tell me that prevention is better than cure. And she would know, she is almost double my age but much fitter and healthier than I have ever been. So, taking this into consideration, what can we do to keep feeling young?

1 Stay Connected

Humans =…

Sharing my perspective on the crypto market and a bird’s eye view of Cryptoland — a structural guide when investing in this space. (For the long term investors)

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As you know, the birth of Cryptoland started out with bitcoin, about a decade ago, as the only digital asset that had some sort of value. Honestly, I was not an early believer or investor of bitcoin. I was quite a skeptic. A few years ago, I recalled my friend probing about Bitcoin, “Huh, what’s that?!” I detested. I read that it was a scam and I was put off immediately.


A real-life inspired publication

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Born from the minds of an Avocado and her secsi friend (and great poet/writer) Mattia Zaminga, Weaving Subjectivities aims at giving writers a space where to express themselves across a multitude of subjects.

As it is in its first days, we still are trying to flexibly define the bounderism of the topics on niches that could form a pleasantly organic platform.

Inspired by the titles of the episodes of “The L Word” which all started with the letter L(I know), I have decided to divide broader subjects as:

  • Literature: books, authors, reviews, etc.
  • Lifestyle: anything related to everyday life, culture…

Discerning niches on Medium

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I might be wrong, but I might be right. What about?

I think that for some writers, having a multi-niche or no-niche profile works very well, for others instead, it might just make things a bit confusing.

I think that writing both my short essays/stories and poetry on the same profile might have confused things a bit.

For me: because I can’t keep an order on my profile page: I have been trying to keep my personal-development/finance stuff pinned (they tend to earn more), but if readers come through mobile they will most likely mostly see poetry (as I write…

Weaving Subjectivities

Literature, LGBTQ+, Language, Lifestyle, Love and other emotions.

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