Empire Hotels steals Exploring The Block Heart Throb !

Cryptopulse — The UKs #1 Crypto & Blockchain podcast downloaded in over 140 countries Hosted by Ben Rees and Kevin Basham, Recently featured former Exploring The Block Co-Host James(JJ)Sowers.

This podcast is the 1st time I had heard about James Sowers since he was featured on the red carpet at the Catalina Island film festival. During the podcast Sowers talks about his adventures in the crypto an ICO world. He mentions his experiences in Hotels an talks about why Empire Hotels app is a much needed disruptive technology.

During the podcast the interviewer ask about IEOs initial exchange offerings. The IEO is a mutation of the ICO. The initial exchange offering is based on the ICO, and for Many retail investors, the IEO is a safer way to speculate as the offering is done through local exchanges that bear the reputational risk if there is any fraud. The exchanges also are responsible for the KYC/AML removing the burden from the issuing company. Only time will tell if the IEO catches on as many exchanges in Singapore have claimed the IEO is already dead.

So what is an IEO?

The initial exchange offering is a fundraising event that is administered by a cryptocurrency exchange on behalf of a token issuer. A token issuer is typically a new venture that is creating a cryptocurrency as an asset class to raise much-needed capital. This token issuer usually pays the cryptocurrency exchange a listing fee and percentage of the tokens sold on the exchange through the IEO. This process is very similar to an IPO. Our staff tried to access the Empire Hotels IEO on Latoken an was unable to in our region of the world.

Market conditions

During the podcast Sowers mentions an ICO that recently raised $32 million and states “ you can’t blame market conditions” he doesn’t name the company our research shows its Spiking.


Sowers mentions Empire Hotels may have a template resort in the Bahamas ?

Will Empire Hotels disrupt the hotel industry ?

Will the IEO replace the ICO?

Will Sowers return to Exploring The Block?

Only time will tell!