The Future of Industry Conf

On the afternoon of the 22nd April this year, I closed Industry 2015 unsure about its future.

Having organised an event every year since 2010 it started to take its toll.

I’d been thinking about what I was going to say to everyone for a few weeks. I’d planned on keeping things fairly short and concise, however, when Tim closed the final talk of the day something he said hit me hard.

Gavin has ran this event for 3 years, because he
believes in this Industry, he believes in us.

He was right, I do. A lot.

Any conference organiser will tell you it’s hard work, and many conferences live and die in their first one or two years.

When the time came to close the event, I veered off track of what I was going to say and left things a little more open. At the after party I’ve never been so overwhelmed by so much support in 5 years.

Attendees from around the world were catching me for a few minutes telling me how much of a great time they had, how great the talks were and how I had to do it again. People were offering their support too, asking if there was anything that I needed a hand with to keep it running.

Thank you to all of you who stopped to chat, it really meant a lot.

The following day I opened up my email and dropped a quick note to the venue to pencil in the same dates for 2016.

I’m not about to stop when so many people found value in this years event, and I’ll continue to organise and guide Industry’s future.

Make sure you’re around on Wednesday 20th April 2016 as we’re doing this all again.