How to Scrape Job Postings From

Scrape/extract job postings in bulk and save it in Excel in less than 2 minutes without any coding is an extremely powerful job search engine and it’s a perfect tool to scrape job postings for a particular city/state/zipcode.

In this post, we will use absolutely no coding to extract job titles, company names, location, salary, summary, url from job postings and save it as a CSV file in simply four steps.

Step 1: Indeed Job Scraper API is a great option if you want to get extracted information for free. You’ll have to signup with Algorithmia but it’s free (no credit card required) and you get 10,000 free credits which are more than enough for thousands of API calls a month.

Step 2: Once you are signed in and in the console, simply edit out the search term (presently set to “python programmer”) to something you want, and edit the location (“set to “Atlanta, GA”) and click on run example (circled in red). You will get around 15 results per query; simply change the page number to fetch additional results for the same query. Once you get the result on the right pane; click on “copy” above to copy the JSON file.

{"search_terms":"python programmer", "location":"Atlanta, GA", "page":"1"}

Step 3: We will need to convert the JSON file we copied in above step into a CSV file. Just go to a JSON to CSV converter and paste the contents in the text box shown. You’ll be able to preview the CSV file and once it appears there, click on the Download CSV button.

Step 4: Once you download the CSV, just open it in Excel, open office or some other spreadsheet viewer.

Note: You probably must’ve noticed that you can fetch 15 results per API call. Simply change the page numbers in the input page (step 2) to get additional results. Alternately, just contact us at and we can modify the API as per your requirements.




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