Top Five JavaScript Tutorials

Below are the five most popular JavaScript tutorials of 2017 to date. From popup sliders to interactive mapping and countdown widgets, these JavaScript tutorials were selected based on their popularity among a range of social media networks.

Designing an Interactive Map using JavaScript

Maps are a great way to leverage your website to drive traffic to your doors. A majority of maps simply show the locations of a given entity as well as an address without any further context or interactivity. In our example, we’ve designed a map that displays locations you can learn more about by clicking on the location. Clicking on the location triggers a popup with further information related to that specific location. You can add any information you’d like to these popups that make the most sense for your business. Enjoy!

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Adding a Popup Slider to your Website

We’ve written numerous times about ways you can preserve space within your design while simultaneously showcasing valuable content. Within the world of web design, some prefer to create content sliders while others prefer content overlays or popups. What is also feasible is to combine both techniques into a popup slider. Popup sliders combine the best elements of each namesake. Information is only displayed upon user interaction and is overlayed on top of your body content, thus preserving crucial space within your design. Further, the slider allows you to include numerous sections that would otherwise have to be trimmed in traditional popup settings.

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How to Create a Countdown Widget for your Website

This article will teach you how to add a countdown widget to your website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Countdown widgets have many uses on the web, the most common of which you will find on websites with products or services that haven’t “launched” yet with a countdown widget displaying the time until their product and/or service launches. Alternate common countdown widget uses are upcoming holidays, events, conferences, etc. A countdown widget has several use cases yet it provides a sense of urgency to your call to action as it is now time sensitive.

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Creating a Slide Down Menu to your Navigation

A slide down menu allows you to provide the option for more in-depth navigation options. By simply clicking a button, your top nav gives way to a more granular view of your website’s navigation. Otherwise, your navigation is hidden which gives users a clear and unencumbered path to page content. Further, a slide down menu gives you additional opportunities to make bold design choices. Include bootstrap columns (as we have done), graphics, search/login forms, and other design elements which support your site’s branding.

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Creating an Action Grid Slider on your Website

There are times where you need to present your users with clear, quick actions. Although these links will vary depending on your specific content, they can be as simple as various “Learn More”, “Purchase”, or “Book” links. By providing immediate access to these popular links and actions, you better serve your users and help facilitate engagement.

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