Becoming A Seattle Website Developer

Are you looking to become a web developer in Seattle, WA? Being a web developer is one of the highest-paying jobs for little to no amount of school.

So what are your first steps in pursuing a career in web development in Seattle? Right off the bat, see if it's for you? Remember, web development though challenging is also rewarding.

Web development jobs in Seattle are in demand! From custom web development openings to online marketers.

Whether you are looking to start as a front-end developer or want to go full swing as a full-stack developer, getting to a highly skilled professional may be bumpy. Don't let me deter you! I'm just throwing this out to know it can be easy provided you have set goals and the re-requisites to get to that initial milestone.

Web Development vs. Web Design

Seattle Website Developer Salaries

The average web developer job salary in Seattle is around a whopping $77,000 per year, according to Glassdoor, and around $88,000 on Indeed. Pursuing a career as a web developer in Seattle is one of the best places as they are 13% above the national average.

Less school, more money. If you ask me, that’s a win-win.

Web Development in Seattle

Website development has grown tremendously in Seattle, nationally, and globally. But, when we focus close to home, many community colleges offer a degree in web development, so you don't have to get a full computer science degree.

There are even many online resources with free courses. For example:

  • Code Academy
  • Khan Academy
  • Code Wars
  • Course Era
  • Free Code Camp
  • oh gosh, there are so many.

Some people with excellent web developing jobs didn't even pay anything for school to get where they are right now.

Short Term Certificates are Cheaper

There are also short-term programs here in Seattle where students can get certifications. For example, Seattle Central offers web development programs. So do Highline College and Green River.

The best part about these schools and programs is that it costs little to no money than other 4-year universities and boot camp options.

Working as a Seattle Website Developer

Web development in Seattle will always be needed. There are so many web design agencies and development companies to work for in the area, from the small web development agencies to ones that require teams of developers, web designers, and online marketers to manage the day-to-day running of websites.

Most local web design companies' services include custom web design services. Seattle web developers who work for smaller web design agencies can provide services to local businesses such as dental offices, pubs, antique shops, and professionals. For example, a specific content management system could be built ground up for small businesses. Also, the marketing agency would continue to help with other small business needs, such as SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing, content marketing, and social media.

Custom web development is when someone creates a website using unique designs. They will make a page stand out compared to cookie-cutter and typical website designs. Creating a custom web page requires artistic skills and more than basic coding knowledge.

Demand for Seattle Website Developers

The demand for digital marketing and web developer jobs is high. If you Google "Web developer jobs in Seattle," you'd face a massive list of job openings.

Whether it's entry-level jobs for recent Seattle graduates or experienced web developers, you will find one that fits your credentials.

You can work for multi-billion-dollar companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon, to name a few of Seattle's small web design agencies!

The demand is overflowing! There are not enough skilled individuals to fulfill the vacancies.

Full Stack Developers Get Paid More?

Have you ever heard of full-stack developers? They're almost like web developers but can do front-end and back-end work.

There's a rumor going around saying that full-stack developers get paid more than web developers do. It depends on the skills and qualities a web developer brings to the table. Companies can determine the value and what each developer is worth based on such credentials.

For example, according to Glassdoor, the average full-stack developer's salary in Seattle is $97,967 per year, and the average web developer's salary in Seattle is $77,325 per year.

What about front-end developers?

Aren't front-end developers and web developers the same thing? No, they are not. A lot of people mistake front-end developers for web developers. After a handy dandy Google search, you will learn that front-end developers focus more on the visual aspects of the website, working with graphic design, user experience, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Web developers focus more on functionality than all the visual, pretty stuff.

The average front-end developer's salary in Seattle is, believe it or not, $86,669, according to Glassdoor. Their average is a lot more than a web developer's average salary in Seattle!

I think of web styling compared to home decorating. Imagine which way you'd like your furniture to be, what color would look best, and where to put your dining table. Wouldn't you want your house to look like crap with everything in odd places and old rusty furniture? People pay good money to have nice furniture, and individuals hire people to place that furniture in the best spot to make your house look flawless.

That's the importance of front-end development and why front-end developer salaries are so high.

Takeaway on Seattle Website Developer

Do you still want to become a web developer? There are many other parts of web development that you can look up online to see if any of them interests you. If any of these things sound interesting, I think you should look into a website developer and see if it's for you.

I'd highly suggest watching YouTube testimonials because real people tell you how they started and got to where they are! I hope my subtle insight into becoming a Seattle website developer has helped? Good luck!



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